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Alarm Clock Swarm

Think you've beaten it? Think again.
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This idea calls for *lots* of cjack's robot alarm clocks... with a "call for backup" setting. Some people are quite agitated when disturbed in the morning, some agitated enough, perhaps, to figure out how to silence this little helper without getting out of bed... In the instance that the robot alarm clock is prematurely silenced, it sends out an SOS call to a bunch of other little RACs, which are hiding in little nooks and crannies throughout the house to continue the cacophony until you physically leave the room, then find and deactivate each alarm independently. Each time a RAC is deactivated, it finds another spot to hide in. It finds a new spot every hour, just in case you try to follow it, it'll be somewhere else when you get back from work.

Comes in packs of 3 for light sleepers, 4-packs for moderate, or a case of 12 for the really heavy sleepers.

(note: 12-pack RACs are programmed to actually buzz into and out of your room repeatedly while constantly blaring a WW1 air-raid siren. If they find the door closed, they slam into it repeatedly until they break, the door breaks, or you break and get your lazy butt up)

21 Quest, Oct 11 2006

Robot Alarm Clock http://www.halfbake...bot_20alarm_20clock
Can't be turned of till you catch it. [cjacks, Oct 11 2006]


       recently a college student designed an alarm clock that was built onto a Roomba (the robotic vacuum cleaner) chassis. The alarm would first go off near the bed where it was placed the night before. Once the snooze was pressed, the alarm would take off and drive somewhere else in the house/room and stop. Each time the snooze was activated it would move again.
MoreCowbell, Oct 11 2006

       One setting is “defenestration”. The robots get together, pick up the bed occupant and throw them out the window. That will teach one to get up and dressed in the morning.
cjacks, Oct 11 2006

       Countermeasure: Shotgun.

       Pulls trigger, rolls over and back to sleep.
augusta, Oct 11 2006

       Alarm Clock Shawarma.... wake up to a snack (even though I am a vegetarian, I couldn't resist) Should I have? Ney no !
xenzag, Oct 11 2006


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