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Head Phone Alarm Clock

So you can take a nap on the bus
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You probably know this - you did not get much sleep the night before and have to get to work early, or you are just a slow riser and want to take a nap on the bus. Taking a normal alarm clock with you so you do not miss the station you have to get off at is awkward, annoying to the other passengers and downright silly. This idea is for something shaped like a very small walkman. You put in the earphones, select a length of time and go looking for a seat. This would avoid making you look stupid and wake you at the right time.
Saruman, Jan 10 2005

Sony mz-r909 minidisc player with an alarm feature http://www.minidisc...n/MZR909/page3.html
"The MELODY TIMER is an alarm that can be set to go off in anywhere from 1-99 minutes (in 1 minute increments). This can be useful to time your workouts, or to wake you up in a certain amount of time in case you fall asleep on the bus or train." [robinism, Jan 11 2005]

(?) Grundig mini 300 http://www.jr.com/J...ess?Product=4010722
Walkman-size radio with a clock/timer/alarm [robinism, Jan 11 2005]


       I'm a little surprised we've not done this before, nice work [Saruman].
neilp, Jan 11 2005

       Great idea! Could be worn before going to bed in case you have to get up early and don't want to wake your partner.
Pericles, Jan 11 2005

       I don't think big ol' DJ style headphones would work in bed. Maybe little earbuds though...
robinism, Jan 11 2005


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