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Robot alarm clock

Can't be turned off till you catch it.
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Are you tired of alarm clocks that allow you to go back to sleep after you rip them from the wall and fling them across the room? Then you need the robot alarm clock. After it goes off it will stay just out of reach, dogging and avoiding you while emitting a most noxious alarm. Put it on the slap setting and it will fend you off with well placed slaps to your hands as you grab for it. For the really hard to wake we have the attack setting. The robot alarm will jump on you and administer shocks and pinches to various body parts until you retreat to the bathroom. This thing is rugged, fling it across the room all you want and it will do what it takes to get you out of bed.
cjacks, Oct 09 2006

Clocky! http://alumni.media...rojects/clocky.html
[shapu, Oct 11 2006]

Dude! http://store.sphero...F_oPN6v4aAjF98P8HAQ
The new BB-8 toy would make a PERFECT robot alarm clock. You could probably do it with some simple software. [21 Quest, Sep 14 2015]


       Has anyone found an electric alarm clock that allows you to set the length of snooze?
AH, Oct 11 2006

       Some student at MIT did something similar to this...an alarm clock that would roll around. I don't recall exactly the name, but I'll start digging.   

       EDIT: See link.   

       Your suggestion is obviously a little more...agressive.
shapu, Oct 11 2006


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