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whine-activated weekend alarm clock

a weekend alarm clock for dogs
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the dogs are quite happy during the week when I rise at 6 a.m. - that suits them fine but come the weekend when I can switch off the alarm and have a well-deserved lie-in, until whenever suits, their routine is disturbed. Dino decides to whine in her incomparable way but what is worse, Eric starts to pace the floor, silently & uncomplainingly and then sighs deeply and throws hiself onto his pile of blankets. ten minutes later, he is quietly padding around again, checking my face to see that I am breathing and licking my ear – a bit more pacing up and down, more sighs – louder this time.

this alarm clock is activated by these doggy noises and responds by playing a quiet recording of my voice – with messages like: “10 more minutes, guys” “hey, its saturday” “give a girl a break, there’s a dear!”.

there is a mechanism to shoot little treats out every five minutes or so as a reward for cessation of noise and activity and an electronic connection to the backdoor to open and close as necessary.

of course the deluxe version would have a 3D hologram of yours truly getting up and dressing etc but that’s still in the design stage.

po, Sep 13 2003


       They have to go to the bathroom?
Shz, Sep 13 2003

       no, they bathe in the evening.
po, Sep 13 2003

       Oh, a bathhouse. Now I understand.
Shz, Sep 13 2003


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