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Keep the drunks at home
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Basically, It's a Circle K on wheels. A motor home carrying beer, cigarettes, munchies, coffee and aspirin makes house calls to keep the drunks at home. They would of course have a security window for checking ID.
Boots, Jan 04 2003

Pink Dot http://www.pinkdot.com/
"We deliver groceries, liquor, and prepared meals in about 30 minutes." Rumor has it that most of their revenue comes from liquor. [egnor, Oct 04 2004]

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       People can go to the store to get all those things, but still go out to bars. Why would this keep them at home?
notme, Jan 05 2003

       Well, if beautiful, single girls were the ones driving the van...
Cedar Park, Jan 05 2003

       I would think it would keep all those "MADD" people of your back! I asked a lot of people and they all said they would rather keep partying than go on a beer run. BUT!!! They all said they would do the run if thats what it took to keep the party going. Don't believe me. Ask your friends
Boots, Jan 05 2003

       Alcohol delivery is widely available. I don't think a shop-on-wheels would be any more successful than a conventional delivery service.
egnor, Jan 05 2003

       Jeez, I might just move to California so I can use Pink Dot. I'd never have to leave home again, unless I had a job. Thanks, [egnor].
snarfyguy, Jan 05 2003

       Licensing for such an enterprise might be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Pink dot (and the former Kozmo.com) could get around this as a "delivery service", but your proposal more closely resembles a retail liquor shop on wheels. There is quite a difference from a legality standpoint.
X2Entendre, Jan 05 2003


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