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Breakfast Delivery

Gourmet breakfast delivered to my house
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I'm a morning person, a lazy morning person who doesnt want to get dressed and go out for breakfast. I would love to have breakfast delivered to me. Perhaps order what i want at their website the night before and have it delivered at a specified time in the morning. It would make my day. But now, i'm not talking about IHOP quality breakfast, any person in america can drive 3 blocks and find an IHOP. I'm talking bagels, fresh fruit, soy milk, and homemade yogurt with wheatgerm. a few weeks ago i had breakfast at a little place near my office who had the most wonderful menu. I had an omlet filled with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and dill topped with hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon, and there were cucumbers. thats the kind of breakfast delivery i'm talking about. no one wants a plate of grease moonlighting as waffles for breakfast. so, for you entreprenual types, i give you this idea. i give it to you under one stipulation - if you do open a breakfast delivery place you had better be delivering good food and you better deliver to my house.
eris, Sep 30 2002

Petak's delivers http://www.hcs-tips.com/nytoac.htm
Per Nick@Nite, order from there. Could name half a dozen other NYC delis you could order a gourmet breakfast from. [DrCurry, Sep 30 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Gluttony From Above http://www.halfbake...dea/Heavenly_20Food
[dag, Oct 01 2002]

Takeout Taxi http://www.takeout-taxi.com/
Breakfast, lunch, *and* dinner.. [Mr Burns, Oct 02 2002]


       Get yourself a gentleman's gentleman.
sild, Sep 30 2002

       Or get yourself a husband/wife*   

       *delete as appropriate
TwoSheds, Sep 30 2002

       Sounds expensive but tasty.
FarmerJohn, Sep 30 2002

       its a Huge, Horrible, Cultural wasteland!
eris, Sep 30 2002

       You could live in a good hotel . . . .
bristolz, Sep 30 2002

       "any person in america can drive 3 blocks and find an IHOP." Wish English people could, I kinda like IHOP.
kaz, Sep 30 2002

       ¯Nick@Nite: /…Plenty Baked where I live…/ I agree.
¯eris, what's the deal with the breakfast you describe that puts it beyond the pale of your own kitchen? Are you outside the freshness zone for burpless cucumbers?

       I can't find a country inn breakfast that thrills me: Biscuits, gravy, corn pone, fresh orange juice, ham, sausage, eggs, scallions, peach cobbler, butter, honey, cream, strawberries. I've visited two buffet restaurants that satisfied my tastes -- the one off I-75 in Jellico, Tennessee, and the other near Clinton college in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Maybe those folk know how to eat, or maybe it was Sunday morning.
reensure, Oct 01 2002

       "having access to.." and "wanting to" are two different things. I am sorry, this was truly just something silly - a friend directed me to the site.   

       but nonetheless, in Dallas, TX, there arent any places that I know of that deliver breakfast and there arent even many places that I know of in close proximity that cook the kind of breakfast I like. So for me, sure, its a good idea and one that I would use a lot.
eris, Oct 01 2002

       Never the less [eris] you seem to have more for + than against - so far.
skinflaps, Oct 01 2002

       [eris]. I have to admit, just this past Sunday, whilst lounging in bed, I clearly recall saying "I wish Dunkin Donuts delivered on Sunday mornings."   

       What I wanted was to be called "Dunk me in bed". I would have delivered, a large thermos of the best coffee in the land, 2 maple walnut scones, the Sunday newspaper, a single peach rose and a bottle of bubbles to play with. I would make it a Sunday ritual.   

       I can think of nothing better, or anyway nicer to start the week. (A baker in the Dallas area..hmmm, now who could that be?)
blissmiss, Oct 01 2002

       No delivery near you? Not anymore. dag already has your delivery solution to breakfast anytime, anywhere! [Link]
dag, Oct 01 2002

       There is a family living not far from me (in the idyllic and infamous place known as Marin County) who made the radical decision, last year, to sell their giant house and move into the Embassy Suites [all-suite hotel, to those outside the US] near their former home.   

       They calculated that what they would save in letting go of the house -- steep utility payments, the costs of doing their own cooking, laundry, and yardwork, and high monthly mortgage payments -- would cover the ~$150-per-night room rate. And in the meantime, they'd get daily buffet breakfasts, happy hour, premium cable TV, and maid service, gratis.   

       This family (2 adults, 2 kids) were still happy with their choice four months later, when they were interviewed by the local paper. Or rather, the adults were quoted as being "happy"; their children were at the pool and unavailable for comment.   

       The parents singled out the buffet breakfast in particular for high praise. Sighed the wife: "The only thing that would make it better would be getting it in bed."   

       Yes, she actually said that.
1percent, Oct 01 2002

       Two weeks holiday each year in France always makes me think that it would be great to be able to continue the habit of getting up early-ish each morning and getting fresh baked croissants for breakfast from the local boulangerie. Back in England....no chance. But having them delivered each day by 7.30am would be épatant.
TwoSheds, Oct 02 2002

       Call the Home Delivery Network located at 9101 LBJ Freeway, Dallas: (972) 248-4006, (972) 933-3663 or (972) 931-8622.   

       Link to follow, if available.
phoenix, Oct 02 2002

       Home Delivery Network? Oh dude, that could be abused far more than it needs to by me.
eris, Oct 02 2002

       See, I think it could be done. But specialized food delivery is tricky, especially when dealing with such a high quality breakfast. That in itself limits your market, but if you were able to locate in a high income area, you might just find a profitable business.
orpheusd0wn, Oct 03 2002


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