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Breakfast Hose

rapid breakfast preparation system
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Picture a drinks mixer snake with buttons for cola, sodas, and various juices,

Now imagine those buttons have been re-labelled as beans, coffee, tea, milk, scrambled egg, hash browns, porridge, pancake mix, grits, sausages etc, all enabled to deliver a measured portion. The sausages would emerge one at a time.

The hose would have separate feed pipes leading to pressurised tanks containing the ingredients. When an order comes in, all the chef needs do is reach for that breakfast hose.

Portable versions, worn as backpacks by attentive waiters, would enable top-ups of some items, like beans and porridge to be delivered directly to your table.

xenzag, Jul 02 2006

Drinks hose http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DN
like this only for breakfast items [xenzag, Jul 02 2006]


       No Liquid Bacon ?   

monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

       Don't try the green, you... you wouldn't like the green.   

       [+] Interesting, and I would be tempted to try it if I saw it. Having said that, liquid food does sound a bit icky .. for lack of a better word. :P
kuupuuluu, Jul 02 2006

       reminds me if that scene in the beginning of 2001 where he had juiceboxes with carrots or roast on them.
tcarson, Jul 02 2006

       Is this for liquidised food or are the hoses really big?
wagster, Jul 02 2006

       Drink hoses get a serious case of nasty bacteria growing on their walls. With solid, or semi-liquidized food, this would be pushed out with the food, and land on the consumer's plate.   

       I hope you're planning to have these hoses refrigerated.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 02 2006

       1 Food is NOT liguidised.   

       2 The hoses would be cleaned each night by releasing an army of voracious, but sterile maggots into them.... these would be flushed out, followed by super heated steam, and sold off early each morning to waiting fishermen....... satisfied ?   

       3 NOW can we pleeeeaseee get on with the breakfast!!!
xenzag, Jul 02 2006

       Let me guess, [xenzag]; you're hospitalised and the nurse has forgotten to change your feeding tubes?...   

       ...or you're just very, very hungry. It would be indiscreet to ask how you worked up that appetite overnight ;)
pertinax, Jul 03 2006

       I'l have the Full English. Easy on the maggots.
wagster, Jul 03 2006

       One could have subhoses which came out of the table. To eat, one need only suckle at the hose. As each diner arrived, new tableside attachments would be placed on the hoses to ensure hygiene. At the end of the day, all hoses would dispense an alcohol containing mix to sterilize their interiors, and the diner would change into a seedy bar.
bungston, Jul 03 2006

       Bartender - I ordered a pint of beer - NOT beans - d'ya hear me? BEER!! BEER!!. BEER!!! ... pounds on table as beans overflow down sides of glass.
xenzag, Jul 04 2006


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