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blastocoel-shaped cheerios
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Put little eyes and teeth on one side of the cheerios and little legs and genitals on the other side -- cheerios shaped like little guys, by adding the minimum of cartoon features to make it clear that one side of each cheerio is a mouth and the other a butt -- all to remind you that people are shaped like toruses, so that you have something to think about in the morning.
JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2006


       I had never before realized that people are sort of torus shaped. Well, a very loose kind of "sort of". An exetremely mutated torus.
PollyNo9, Mar 23 2006

       Bun, but only for the last couple of lines.
wagster, Mar 23 2006

       You are what you eat.
methinksnot, Mar 23 2006


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