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Cut your own Cereal

Cut your own cereal shapes - Fun for Kids and Grown ups
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Heres the plan, instead of buying loose cereal in a bag in a box you create your own! You simply buy the Sheets of Cereal and the special "Cereal shape Puncher" You can then punch out what ever shape you want from the sheets. Fancy a bowl full of mini Dollars signs? No problem! Or how about a bowl of Holly leaves for xmas! Or a bowl of hearts for your loved one on valentines day..aaahh Available in different flavours and different templates for the press. Cheap to make and easy to use! So why not give me a bowl of mini buns! TA-DA!
S-note, Jun 22 2007

Sara Lee's Ready-to-Bake Croissants http://www.saraleeb....com/croissants.htm
On a hungover Sunday morning, it's like finding a fairy in your fridge... [wagster, Jun 22 2007]


       Not a bad idea actually. They would probably need baking after cutting, but that's ok.
wagster, Jun 22 2007

       I thought about that, maybe once cut just 10 mins in the oven/microwave - it should be pretty easy to do
S-note, Jun 22 2007

       Have you tried baking those canned croissants? (link) You might use a similar trick for your cereal.
wagster, Jun 22 2007

       //On a hungover Sunday morning, it's like finding a fairy in your fridge... //   

       [wagster] Ah, I see you have been to one of my parties.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 22 2007

       [GC], do you have cannibal dinner parties at your house then? Does gay meat taste nicer?
theleopard, Jun 22 2007

       I picture a giant brittle corn flake, the size of a sheet of paper, which crumbles to bits the moment the roller touches it.   

       If it was soggy enough to roll punch, you wouldn't want to eat it, and having to put all the soggy bits into the oven to bake is terribly inconvenient.
nuclear hobo, Jun 22 2007

       A single, large Cornflake that you could disassemble with a baseball bat in the morning would be a great start to the day.
wagster, Jun 22 2007

       not a corn flake, more of a sheet of pressed maize/wheat which is plyable and soft enough to cut with the puncher. When punched you quickly bake it and there you have your cereal shapes
S-note, Jun 22 2007

       If the dough sheet was designed to shrink a lot when cooked, and the shapes happen to be tessellations, then they would seperate whle cooked with minimal waste.   

       If it doesnt shrink, just break it apart when the sheet is cooked.
Giblet, Jun 25 2007

       [They would probably need baking after cutting, but that's ok.]   

       you could make your cereal at night and eat it the next morning.
abhorsen1983, Jun 25 2007

       I was imagining townie visitors working the wheatfields with scythes for the joy of labour, like Tolstoy.
pertinax, Jun 25 2007


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