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Flash Crispies

Memories are made of this ...
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New from BorgCo, a breakfast cereal for Geeks.

The individual units are shaped like Flash memory devices; USB pendrive, SD/MMC, Compact Flash, Memory stick, XD, Smartmedia.

A weetabix-type "biscuit" is available in a 2.5" HDD form factor.

Coming soon, PCMCIA-sized crispbreads.

8th of 7, Apr 01 2012


       Is it high fiber-optic?
mouseposture, Apr 01 2012

       Adjusting windage... calculating drop-off...   

       You've foiled me again, Borg. I just don't have the heart to shoot a man when he's clearly enjoying his breakfast so much. Oh, you're having another bowl, I see...   

Alterother, Apr 01 2012

       Also available: chip-shaped oven chips*.

(* using the UK meaning of the word 'chip')
hippo, Apr 02 2012


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