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Tetris Cereal

Tessellated Breakfast
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Cereal pieces in the shape of Tetris blocks for an entertaining, fully tessellated breakfast.

Best served in an as-yet-halfbaked vertical bowl.

jonthegeologist, Oct 13 2018

Supermarket Tetris Supermarket_20Tetris
play meta-Tetris by putting your packet of Tetris Cereal on the supermarket checkout belt in a Tetrissy way [hippo, Oct 16 2018]

"Tetris Bites" Cereal Box (2011) https://zonifiedplu.../tetris-cereal-box/
Design project by Phillip Blackwell [jutta, Oct 17 2018]


       OMG the tune is driving me nuts even before my first coffee
po, Oct 13 2018

       How long have you been dwelling on this ?
po, Oct 13 2018

       Come packed in box as a perfect wall of Tetris so don't open and shake you'll never get it closed again till you eat half the box.
dev45, Oct 14 2018

       [po] Since late 2009...
jonthegeologist, Oct 14 2018

       [dev45] packed perfectly, no spaces, for optimal logistics. Great until the customer gets the box...
jonthegeologist, Oct 14 2018

       Contents may complete rows in transit.
Loris, Oct 15 2018

       I'm really surprised you've never posted "Geology Breakfast Cereal" where the big cereal packet contains multiple smaller packets and a single packet of fossil-shaped cereal pieces. You can then lay down your choice of cereal strata, interspersing them with selected fossils.
hippo, Oct 15 2018

       Phil is not a selected fossil.
po, Oct 15 2018

       Next up, tangram crackers...
RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2018


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