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Alkaline Sweets

Tooth decay prevention
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Tooth decay is caused by acidic excretions from bacteria on teeth feeding on sugar, or so I've always been told.

Wouldn't it be sensible to make sugary products slightly alkaline as well? These could be chosen so that they are only slightly soluable so that they don't just dissolve in one's saliva and disappear, but can still effectively cover all teeth.

Crisps and other starchy foodstuffs with a tendancy to get stuck in one's teeth could also have this principle applied.

TomP, Feb 28 2011

one paper amongst many http://jdr.sagepub.com/content/67/3/531
[4whom, Feb 28 2011]

(?) No base, same effect http://jada.ada.org...int/129/11/1623.pdf
it turns out saliva is also effective, makes you wonder why we didn't evolve to salivate after a meal... [4whom, Feb 28 2011]

Salty liquorice http://en.wikipedia...iki/Salty_liquorice
the "salt" is ammonium chloride which should also be basic. [bungston, Mar 01 2011]


       The Nords beat you to it, TomP. Order yourself some salty liquorice and dig in. Sort of a combination of candy and smelling salts.
bungston, Mar 01 2011

       Salmiakki, but i see people have beaten me to it. Also, mix it with anthocyanins and you have reached the holy grail of totally kosher, authentic and real blue food.
nineteenthly, Mar 01 2011

       In my youth, in the Northern dialect I spoke back then when everything was in black-and-white, sherbet was known as "kay-li", short for "alkali", I'm told.
coprocephalous, Mar 01 2011

       [bungston] Ammonium chloride is acidic; it's the salt of a weak base and a strong acid.
spidermother, Apr 24 2011


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