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All-Star Martial Arts Tournament

Duke it out man
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There are so many action 'heroes' and kung fu stars in the world today. Which is the best, the greatest?

Have an all-star martial arts tournament, where people like Jackie Chan and Jet Li get to duel with Arnie, Stallone and The Rock.

Everyone wins from it. Fans get to lay bets and have a great time. Organisers earn money from the immense publicity. The fighters themselves get their chance at ultimate glory. And martial arts gets a boost.

baboo, Apr 02 2002

Bruce vs. Jackie http://www.grudge-m.../bruce-jackie.shtml
The Scenario, Commentary, Results - One of - If not THE closest Virtual duke-em's in WWWF History. [thumbwax, Apr 02 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I'm backing Clint all the way. You know, dynamite tossing, pancho wearing, Colt-45 Clint, not that Bridges of Madison County imposter. I also predict Steven Segal gets karate chopped in the face three times by Woody Allen and starts to cry.
spartanica, Apr 02 2002

       Just for realism throw in a REAL fighter or two.
dag, Apr 02 2002


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