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All-in-one Pill

For those days when not even advil can take you out of this world.
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This is just a pill that has enough of the asprin materials in it to well, kill you. (No I don't expect biscuitry, because I mean this is Suicide!)


       The single lethal dose of aspirin in normal adults is approximately 25 - 30 grams. That would be kind of an inconveniently large pill, wouldn't it? Why not use something with a higher toxicity?
snarfyguy, Feb 27 2004

       In the novel "On the Beach" by Nevil Schute the government issued cyanide pills to the populous due to impending slow death at the hands of nuclear radiation. This seems much quicker, and probably much tidier, don't you think?
Apologetic_Cynic, Feb 27 2004

       This sounds as if it's likely to kill you if it falls out of the medicine cabinet onto your head. Which would be convenient for those of us with small mouths.
kropotkin, Mar 01 2004

       I was thinkng more along the lines of for those deathset teens who think the world is out to get them, the pills could even come in grape!   

       Guy walks into a bar and the bartender says "Boy, I didn't expect to see you today, after last night - you were really bummed out." And the guys says "I was so bummed out that I went home and looked in my medicine cabinet. I had a big bottle of a thousand aspirins in there, and I decided to kill myself by taking them all at once." The bartender says "So, what happened?" And the guys says "Well, after the first two, I didn't feel so bad."
Pernicious Wiles, Mar 30 2004

       just for all you people out there have you ever tried to o.d on asprins its not nice, ive done it once by accident. really bad headache, pills not working quick enough, to cut a long story short i was throwing up for the next three days not a nice sight or feeling
furyfighter, May 12 2005

       "what if you could just kill yourself when you feel bad". Hmmm.
DeanRadcliffe, Sep 21 2006


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