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Helicopter helpline

Sauve qui peut ...
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Observing the dismal regularity with which rotary-wing craft crash, usually resulting in the death of some if not all the occupants, we suggest the setting-up of a free telephone counseling service, by which potential passengers can be talked out of their self-destructive impulses by trained volunteers.

This will reduce the numbers of bereaved relatives, who no doubt ask the question "Why them ?", the simple answer sadly being "Because they were stupid enough to fly in a helicopter."

Governments seem largely opposed to doctor-assisted suicide, yet continue to permit pilot-assisted suicide. There seems to be something wrong there.

8th of 7, Mar 29 2017

Missing helicopter search at Caernarfon Bay http://www.bbc.co.u...s/uk-wales-39436401
Another entirely avoidable tragedy. [8th of 7, Mar 29 2017]

Car deaths by country and population https://en.wikipedi...-related_death_rate
Is there similar data for helicopters ? [popbottle, Mar 29 2017]


8th of 7, Mar 29 2017

       Would it help to only fly in helicopters piloted by doctors ?
popbottle, Mar 29 2017

       Would it help to only fly in helicopters piloted by nurses ?
popbottle, Mar 29 2017

       ^ Damn there's an echo in place...maybe we should put some carpet down or acoustic tiles?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 30 2017

       Would it help to only fly in helicopters with carpeting and acoustic tile?
normzone, Mar 31 2017

       No. Nothing helps.   

       The only thing that works is "not going in the helicopter".
8th of 7, Mar 31 2017

       So, at what activity were you embarrasingly beaten by a helicopter pilot, [8th]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2017


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