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EEG, face sensing for the next Euthanasia device

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Whatever the ethical debate around the Computer assisted Euthanasia device is, if we are going to construct such a device, it must also be able to sense EEG, and perhap facial features.

In theory, the difference between a person who are set to die because of a terminal illness vs a person with a depressive episode, is that the one with terminal illness is more likely to be rational in their decision making. Current devices like the Deliverance Machine, only ask a set of questions to the user before euthanize. The danger is that a really depressed person can possibly just lie to the machine, to bypass this protection feature. This can be averted via forcing the user to focus on what they are using using EEG. If they provide an answer at a certain speed and at a certain 'mental alertness' state, they may be booted out of the session, and require the doctor to enable a second try. If it happens too often, it will automatically disable itself, as the user is not fit to kill themselves according to the computer.

If they do answer it all correctly, the EEG sensing will still be present. It will check for mental alertness, as the user is meant to be mentally prepared to die (they should ideally also hold a 'deadman' switch to release at the slightest doubt as well). There is 10 sec of normal saline solution, before the irreversible Euthanasia drug is injected.

By combining both the questions and mental alertness testing, we can ensure that the person less likely to be able to commit suicide for illegitimate purpose using the device.

mofosyne, May 26 2011

Deliverance_machine http://en.wikipedia...Deliverance_machine
[mofosyne, May 26 2011]


       I like the idea of combining a lie detector with a euthanasia device. Tell the truth, or the machine kills you.
ldischler, May 26 2011

       Humane death meets evil genius? Bun!
Voice, May 26 2011

       Idischler , I never thought of that kind of application. But that would be rather entertaining, and terrifying as well
mofosyne, May 27 2011

       //combining a lie detector with a euthanasia device// Something like that in Silverberg's _Nightwings_ (fictional). Edit: turns out it was based on the (nonfictional) boca della verita in Rome.
mouseposture, May 27 2011

       Hmmm what was it like in the book?
mofosyne, May 27 2011

       The idea itself isn't bad, but it's a piss-poor society that needs a machine to do what a compassionate doctor should be able to do.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 27 2011

       It is a reasonable answer in a difficut circumstance. The patient is terminal. If they are crowded by loved ones, factors of influence play. If they are alone this changes. In using this device, who is rational is in both the patient and the device's administrator.
fried dwight, May 28 2011

       Doesn't take depressive realism into consideration. Depression is often more rational than not being depressed.
nineteenthly, May 28 2011

       Though I'm aware of a positive correlation between intelligence and depression, [nineteenthly], I don't accept that depression per se can be characterized as either rational or irrational. I understand there is also evidence that, over the longer term, depression reduces intelligence.
pertinax, May 28 2011

       //Tell the truth, or the machine kills you.// "You will kill me."
spidermother, May 28 2011


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