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Comedy venues at popular suicide spots

Inspired by a desk drawer
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Once upon a time, i was a depressed student sitting in a study bedroom in a Hall of Residence. I was going through a particularly morose phase sitting at a desk and listlessly pulled open a drawer to its fullest extent, only to find that at the back, someone had written "CAPTAIN KIRK, STARDATE 5431.6" (couldn't swear to the number). This made my evening and cheered me up no end.

So, what if the likes of Beachy Head or the Brooklyn Bridge had constant stand up comedy routine going on there? There would be people there to help, perhaps professional talker-downers and it wouldn't increase the death rate. So, instead of touring the country and going to the Albert Hall or the Edinburgh Fringe or the Leicester Comedy Festival, comedians could routinely play suicide spots.

nineteenthly, Mar 07 2010


       I have a better plan.   

       [This annotation has declared independence, and has wandered off to set up an idea of its own.]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2010

       Clearly this idea is a popular suicide spot, [MB].
nineteenthly, Mar 07 2010

       Shirley these could just be stainless steel plates with funny jokes written on them?
phoenix, Mar 07 2010

       They could be those too, [phoenix]. In fact, maybe they should print jokes on razor blades.
nineteenthly, Mar 07 2010

       I think the "randomness" of finding something when one is right at the brink, is what makes it more life saving, more so than the content of what is seen. (just my opinion, but I still think it's a positive idea.+)
blissmiss, Mar 07 2010

       Hey! Your killin' me here!   

       I'm just thinking hopeully the suicidal guy doesn't sit on the front row and get humiliated.   

       Hey! A funny thing happened tonight on the way to jump off the bridge...
Mustardface, Mar 08 2010

       Funny thing is, depression is higher amongst comedians and comics than it is in the general population.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2010

       It would be depressing, wouldn't it, if you were going through the routine at Beachy head, and your audience was busily throwing itself off the cliff.
Ling, Mar 08 2010

       Kind of a Dog Whisperer Make-Me-Laugh reality show called Leaper Keepers. Contestant comedians have to make suicidal audience members laugh or they jump.
Mustardface, Mar 08 2010

       Goal 1) Make the person forget their problems   

       Goal 2) Promptly remind them to hold onto the bridge railings... [+]
xxobot, Mar 08 2010

       I'm thinking of the bit of Barry Cryer's memoir where he describes the Windmill Theater: he claimed that going on with the act, no matter how bad the audience reaction, is something a comedian needs to learn. In this case, it's the audience that does the dying, but the principle's the same. In after years, when the younger comics are buying you drinks, you could boast about playing Beachy Head or the Golden Gate.
mouseposture, Mar 09 2010


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