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All-terrain sports shoes

Adapt to the ground you're stood on.
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My jogging route incorporates a varied terrain - tarmac, grass, mud. My choice of running shoe is basically a compromise.

I suggest a few spring-loaded spikes on the sole that retract on hard stuff, but dig in to the softer stuff.

Possibly adjustable spring pre-loading depending on the wearer's weight.

paraffin power, Dec 20 2004

(?) Another adapting shoe http://www.gizmodo....ng-shoes-015943.php
And I thought my idea had limited appeal [paraffin power, Dec 20 2004]


       But wouldn't you lose any gains made in extra grip from the spikes (assuming that these could possibly work) by extra energy expenditure made in compressing the springs in the sole?
DrBob, Dec 20 2004

       It'd just be your own body weight compressing the springs - no additional energy? If there were any losses, you'd get it back as the springs boinged back.
paraffin power, Dec 20 2004


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