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Giant Suspension Boots!.

Basically a cross between rain boots, moon boots, and falling over
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First you've got a fleece lined boot - something like a ski boot liner, but designed for comfort. This is inside of a giant rubber boot - designed to look like a rubber rain boot. The inside boot connects to the outside boot by a lot of springs, elastic bands and perhaps some kind of suspenders if they happen to be necessary. So basically they're just moon boots, but they're comfortable and look awesomely ridiculous instead of just regular moon boot ridiculous.
Joolin, Nov 13 2009


       Is comfortable better or worse than regular moon boot comfortable?
loonquawl, Nov 13 2009

       I'm all in favour of ridiculous but you don't get my vote until that second exclamation mark disappears!
DrBob, Nov 13 2009

       So, a boot-within-a-boot, connected by bungeeable means? This, I quite like. For my money, the second exclamation mark is OK. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2009

       There. I took off the top of the exclamation point. You want the rest gone and you've gotta pay up. I don't press backspace for free, you know...
Joolin, Nov 13 2009

       Sure why not? How about three boots? Nested Russian doll style...   

       Oh, and very articulate, 21. Dick.
daseva, Nov 13 2009

       "We're sorry. The number you have dialed is a toll number, and requires you to deposit ten cents, plus an additional fee, depending on your area."
normzone, Nov 13 2009

       "Sure why not? How about three boots? Nested Russian doll style.."   

       Sure, but only if they were decorated like Russian dolls.   

       Actually, this could be an entire line of giant moon boots. There would be the "Classic" which would just be the rain boots, there would be the "Comrade", which would be shaped and decorated like Russian dolls, there could be the "Mega", which would look like Megaman boots, the "Chuck" which would look like Converse... The list goes on.
Joolin, Nov 14 2009


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