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Joggers For Hot Days

Like wearing two eskis on your feet, I guess.
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I'm not sure about everyone else, but wearing joggers on hot days can get a bit uncomfortable. What I propose is a shoe with little freezer-pack things in them, so all you have to do the day before you're playing tennis in the middle of the day at 36 degrees(C) is chuck your joggers in the freezer, and the next day your feet are nice and cool in the summers' heat.

I guess you could have models where you can remove the freezer packs, for people with small freezers, but they would have to come with a mold, so as that you can easily fit them in.

froglet, Jul 23 2005

shoes with mesh http://usaimages.wo...3270868825&cvt=jpeg
I have meshy shoes like these ones.. ideal in the heat. [neilp, Jul 25 2005]


       Joggers? As in trainers?
silverstormer, Jul 23 2005

froglet, Jul 23 2005

       I like this idea of keeping your feet cool throughout the day. I just dont know how there could be something that could be implanted within the shoe to remain cool all day. I wonder if theres any kind of ice pack that would repeatively get cold from the pressure applied on the shoe from running around. You couldnt just freeze your shoes - within an hour or 2 i would think the ice pack wouldnt be cold at all.   

       anybody have any ideas?
Kcsolutions123, Jul 24 2005

       Kcsolutions123 it's obvious -- you just set up a network of coldstations along your jogging route. So when you're out jogging stop by the 7-11 convenience store and squirt in some cool. A slushie or something.
joeforker, Jul 25 2005

       +. [Joeforker]- running through puddles works for me. But isn't there a vapour-compression heat pump idea lurking nearby, or a Piezo-Peltier combo heat pump solution, which might be an alternative choice if [joeforker] doesn't get his network of coldstations up and running?
Anchovy, Jul 25 2005

       I'm half-considering sewing pockets into my p.j.'s to put ice-packs in. I'm surprised this one doesn't have more votes.
Zimmy, Jul 26 2005

       There u go, - You could just take your staw and pump the slushy into the bottom of your shoe, then continue to drink your slushy and keep running! Brilliant!!
Kcsolutions123, Jul 26 2005

       Prehaps instead of using ice packs one could put multi-layered chemical packs. Every step mixes a tiny amount of two reactants, which, when combined, have an endothermic reaction, thus cooling down the foot. Obviously, you'd have to buy replacement packs, but it's a viable suggestion.
Asmodues, Jul 26 2005

       I prefer to dip my feet in liquid nitrogen before a run. Of course, one has to be careful of breakage.
ldischler, Jul 26 2005

       ThankYou Asmodues! Any Idea which chemicals would work in order to create that cold reaction?
Kcsolutions123, Jul 26 2005

       On my first read-through of this idea, with the ambiguous words "jogger" and "models", I thought this was some sort of servant that carried you and looked good to boot.
Acme, Jul 26 2005


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