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All-women U.S. Strike Force

Use all-women U.S. strike force to knock out the Taliban
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This in from the in from the desk of AstroMoondoggie -- let's send in a U.S. strike force of all women to oust the Taliban. The sight of thousands of well-armed, well-trained, healthy, and powerful U.S. women would add that extra insult needed when invading...

Plus, think of what kind of message it would send the female population of the country. I picture Afghani women lining the streets, flinging aside their head covers and cheering as jeeps filled with U.S. women drive by, tossing condoms, birth control pills, and vibrators into the crowd...

Mud, Sep 21 2001


       Maybe they can film a music video with Janet - not Jackson - Janet Reno - she must have lots of free time now - just make sure she's covered head to toe most of the time. Though the sight of her would cause immediate and unconditional surrender - for those who don't go into convulsions as if they had been exposed to chemical warfare.
thumbwax, Sep 21 2001

       I'm in favor of dropping Mariah Carey on them...five minutes of her singing and they'll be begging for us to take her back, as their dogs' heads keep exploding, and they keep running into the shelters thinking there's an air raid...
StarChaser, Sep 22 2001

       If we really want to confuse and terrify them, how about an all-halfbaker taskforce. Or an all-woman-halfbaker taskforce; this'd have the added effect that no one would believe they were women, and they'd have to stop every 10 yards to show their invisible hair baubles. Not so good, but it might lead the constantly-veiled Afghan women to revolt and seize the limitless opportunities of 1/2B hair care.
pottedstu, Sep 22 2001

       <war diary>Day five; the Custard Campaign appears to be a success, however Pedant Division sustained heavy casualties...</war diary>
sdm, Sep 23 2001

       send Vernon - never met the guy - but I'm led to believe he'd scare 'em
po, Sep 23 2001

       Pedant Division Second Petty Officer checking in SIR!
Planned attack was almost a complete apostrophe, but we pulled through after a tense battle. Roget, over and out.
lewisgirl, Sep 23 2001

       For best results, schedule the invasion for when they have PMS.
nobody, Sep 23 2001

       Are those army issue knickers Lewis?!! - I demote you to Pettier Officer
hippo, Sep 23 2001

       [waits for lewisgirl to repost that nice "ae" dipthong...]
hippo, Sep 24 2001

       [oh, now I also want to wait around so I can catch a glimpse of lewisgirl's nice diphthong. Or her ligatures, as the case may be.]
wiml, Sep 25 2001

lewisgirl, Sep 25 2001

       These PhD students get into work pretty late don't they?
hippo, Sep 25 2001

       yeh, but you don't know what time I left last night.
lewisgirl, Sep 25 2001

       What, from the pub?
hippo, Sep 25 2001

       A late lunch perhaps?
Lemon, Sep 25 2001

       <idle_thought>I wonder if ObL has a webcam?</idle_thought>
st3f, Sep 25 2001

       I've been to America. The sight of 100 American women waddling along squeezed into their size 20 spandex pants with their big hair and annoying voices... it would surely contravene something in the Geneva Convention.
Chippy, Jun 14 2003


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