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All All-in-Ones in One

Modular carousel for home appliances, devices, and storage
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This machine is a carousel that can be installed in one's home. The carousel is divided into slices, each slice being a separate, interchangable module. A skirting covers all sides, except whatever module happens to be in front (active). A display, positioned above the carousel allows control of the carousel's rotation and it also controls the functions of the active module.

A short list of some of the available modules:

- CD/DVD/HD-DVD multi-changer, Phonograph/Reel-to-Reel/VHS/Cassette player, and stereo controls module (piped to home stereo)

- Telephone/TDD/Fax/Scan/Photocopy/Print module

- Minifridge/Microwave module

- CD/DVD/Laserdisk/SD/Zip/Jaz/Floppy disk drives module (piped to home computer)

- Cat food/Dog food/Detergent/Bulk foods bin module

- Trophy case module

spiraliii, Mar 09 2007




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