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Online Furniture Rearrangement

Let the battle begin!
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Among systems of kungfu, the superiority of a given style can be determined in battle. This fact has produced many wonderful movies. Feng Shui is only one of many aesthetic systems one might use to guide furniture arrangements. And in the real world, furniture issues are much more common than attacking ninja. But unlike kung fu, how can practitioners of different aesthetic styles directly compete?

I propose an online site where an interested party can use a java program to lay out the dimensions of a given room on a grid of 1x1 squares. North-south alignment and windows / doors will be included. Available pieces of furniture will occupy a separate grid. The current configuration in the room might be displayed or not. Interested aestheticians, amateur and professional, can arrange the furniture and provide their rationale for the arrangement. It might be proposed that additional items be added - these will be a different color as they do not exist yet. The owner of the room will choose the best arrangement and post photos. Aestheticians will accumulate points and progress towards Master.

Furniture rearrangements might also be a reality show in which competitors with different aesthetics rearrange a room many ways.

bungston, Mar 23 2009


       You are right about consumer judgement. Especially the judgement of one sole consumer. I am not sure how to compare two arrangements such that one is the winner. But there must be a way.
bungston, Mar 23 2009

       When I read the title, I was thinking it was a website which you could go to and wirelessly rearrange people's special furniture (sold by the same site), which would be motorized and computerized such that it could be rearranged online.   

       Then, when I read the subtitle, I assumed that it must be a site where said furniture would battle it out over an unlucky someone's household...   

       Sorry, I've been thinking surreally all day.
halffinity, Mar 23 2009

       [+] and hmm...
FlyingToaster, Mar 23 2009


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