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All hail the dungabra

all in one support AND outer-garment? Surely not.
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You've heard of the Wonder-Bra, but aren't you frustrated at society's inability to cope with you wanting to show the full shapeliness which the product gives to your bossom unadulterated by blouses, shirts, jumpers etc?

Imagine if you will, ladies, a lovely stylish and comfy pair of dungarees with the added benefit of an in-built cuppage system adjustable via the traditional button- up shoulder straps. No Bra.

You can run in you dungarees (maybe the sports model could be called rungarees) without the embarrassing 'rictor-effect' of a free-boob and maintain a stylish, beautiful breast shape, first hand, unmarred by a second layer. Voila.

BrianMaiden, Apr 15 2003

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       And this is to benefit the wearer or your ogling?
DrCurry, Apr 15 2003

       I assure you my motives are altruistic.
BrianMaiden, Apr 15 2003

       Well that's a relief, from the title I thought that guano-skivvies wouldn’t be far behind.   

       What a fine name. Point.
bungston, Apr 15 2003


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