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Domes of the world Bra series
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A series of Bras modelled and decorated to resemble the world's famous domes. Some of the natural candidates would be St Peter's Basilica in Rome, The Onion Domes of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, The Duomo in Florence.

There are of course many more, including some famous sport stadiums with sliding roofs. Some are pointed, some have transparent panels, some are more rounded and flat like the Millennium Dome in London. There is enough variety in style and contour to suit all individual characteristics and moods.

The Taj Mahal range madam? With or without minaret nipple enhancers?

xenzag, Feb 26 2006


       And you really came up with the idea before the title?
hidden truths, Feb 26 2006

       I would vastly prefer the opposite: a series of basilicas modeled on world-famous, uh, domes.
DrCurry, Feb 26 2006

       DrCurry - I like that - could sprout grass like hair and need to be regularly mowed - Grassilica   

       Hidden Truths - which came first - the idea or the title?
xenzag, Feb 26 2006

       not a sling to carry the cabbages home then?
po, Feb 26 2006

       With flying bustrests?   

       Please, not the Titseen Chapel.
normzone, Feb 26 2006

bristolz, Feb 27 2006

       This is great! There are some lovely domes around the world. Many of which would look great inside one of these bras!   

       I suppose a lot of the domes were designed to subconsciously (or consciously) resemble breasts in the first place, so reversing that is a nice twist.   

       How about a range of male underwear depicting some of the worlds more "phallic" monuments? Tower of Pisa, Nelsons Column etc....
Minimal, Feb 28 2006


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