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Builder's Bra

Should be lacy, and incorporate a silky rose.
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If you're going to have builder's bum cleavage, at least make it pert and alluring. Builders could wear even-lower-than-normal jeans to show off their bra, a bit like girls with hipsters and thongs.
Fishrat, Dec 30 2003


       Aw, I thought this idea would include a hammer loop and pockets on a rough leather bra. For working women in the summer heat.   

       Now you've gone and added "Push-up", completely spoiling the illusion. Well, unless the female builder are trying to impress the male builders. Ok, I guess it still works.
hi entropy, Dec 30 2003

       OK, I'll remove "Push-up", if only to leave something to the imagination.
Fishrat, Dec 30 2003

       Fishy, you are weird!
po, Dec 30 2003

       I DO NOT NEED A BRA!!!!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 31 2003

       You mean you noticed the change, po? <swings hips>
Fishrat, Dec 31 2003

       are your hips, fishy hips or ratty hips? funny I see you more of a leather Fishrat.
po, Dec 31 2003

       or whatever floats your sloop, sloop.
po, Dec 31 2003

       Whatever floats your sloop, 'bub. Aw, I'll never know what sloopy actually said now. Never mind.
Fishrat, Jan 05 2004

       Where would the straps for these lacy underthings go?
ye_river_xiv, Apr 12 2007

       what [po] said. [+]
Voice, Sep 06 2010

       This is so utterly horrible and evil that nothing short of total planetary vaporisation can expunge the evil.   

       What colours are available ... ?
8th of 7, Sep 06 2010


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