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All the King's Horses

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This item comes in the shape of a handsome metallic horse, draped in the medieval livery of ancient Kings - from it's side protrudes a handle which, upon turning, causes the mechanism to thrash the horse's legs about in an abandoned fashion.
zen_tom, Oct 27 2008

Drinks_20Beetler after you've made the eggs you may want a drink.... [xenzag, Oct 27 2008]

(?) wind up cell phone by Wuj3888 [theGem, Oct 27 2008]

Ricky Gervais on the same issue http://uk.youtube.c...Hco&feature=related
[zen_tom, Oct 27 2008]


       All the King's Horses,
And All Blue Men...
Jinbish, Oct 27 2008

       "Mix at a gallop for two minutes..."
phoenix, Oct 27 2008

       Ha ha ha! Too funny [zen_tom]. Hoisted by your own petard!
theleopard, Oct 27 2008

       Combine this with the Wind Up Cell Phone [Wuj3888] created and you can make your Jello and call your bookie to put a bet on the ponies at the same time.
theGem, Oct 27 2008

       2-to-1 on a light, fluffy, Soufflé in the 1.33.
skinflaps, Oct 27 2008


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