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BiCentrifugal Blender

Fix this most useless accessory
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Blenders are the most serially disappointing device in a kitchen.

This product solves their single most glaring problem, by replacing the constant pushing down of food material with your fingers, with something more automatic and easy.

Therefore, this blender's canister is installed on a circular bevel track, almost as if laid on its side, with the angry end of the canister outward, with gearing that meshes with the circular track and drives a set of blades in the normal way. At the other end of the cannister , at the very center of the circle, is an axle spun rapidly by a high powered motor. The 'top' or inside of the cannister slips into a sleeve, where the inside is what grasps the canister and the outside is what is attached to the axle.

Therefore, simple rotation of of the blender canister, like the hands of a highspeed clock, drive the blade movement on the far end of the canister. The faster the spinning, the faster the blades rotate, and the more force is applied to the meat or plant based material, irrevocably decimating any contents to any consistency.

With that, I'll go collect my millions. This has been bothering me for awhile.

mylodon, Nov 14 2019


       Nice idea [mylodon] +. But given your tendency to push things into a blender with your fingers, how do you still type?
Frankx, Nov 14 2019

       The specification was //your fingers// not [mylodon]'s fingers.
pocmloc, Nov 14 2019

       Sorry, my fingers are not available for this. I think he said //your fingers// [pocmloc]
Frankx, Nov 14 2019


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