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Battery Operated Nonstick Pizza Cutter

Variation on an already great idea!!
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Sure, we've all had the problem of cheese getting stuck to the sides of the pizza cutting blade, and of course, some genus came up with the idea of a nonstick pizza cutting blade. But think of the effort that goes into cutting a pizza. It's ridiculous. Here's a winner of an idea.

Take your ordinary circular pizza cutter, with its sharp stainless steel disk, and bond MOST of the sides of the disk (leaving the sharp edge exposed) with a nonstick substance. When you slice a pizza with this, the blade goes through and the sharp edge interacts with the crust, while the coated sides prevent the cheese from sticking to the rolling blade. Now, the handle holds two D size batteries that actually turn the wheel for you. No more wasting effort on struggling through that pizza! It turns automatically!!

Wayne Scotting, May 12 2011

Four results found ... http://www.google.c...tic+pizza+cutter%22
... for "automatic pizza cutter" on google at this time. Considerably less than the 90,000 claimed by 21Q. [neelandan, May 13 2011]

this is an echo of this... NonStick_20Pizza_20Cutter
[dentworth, May 17 2011]


       This is a blatant ripoff.   

       Anyway, a google search for "battery operated non stick pizza cutter" gives a no results found message.   

       This is of value only if paired with an indexing wheel which turns by precise angles to facilitate dividing the pizza to exact (but not necessarily equal) portions.
neelandan, May 13 2011

       .... homo? I'm going to ask you to explain that one.
WcW, May 13 2011

       Yes, the battery operated pizza cutter already exists, I know that. But not the NONSTICK battery operated pizza cutter. That's where my idea gets its greatness. I think that point has been missed.
Wayne Scotting, May 13 2011


       wcw wants the species.
neelandan, May 13 2011

       ... the educated world is aware that the first pizza cutter was invented by Australopithecus africanus. Even with this tool they were still widely teased for their exceptionally small head size. The phrase "small head pizza wheel" is derived from this ancient origin.
WcW, May 13 2011

       //the educated world is aware that the first pizza cutter was invented by Australopithecus africanus.//   

       True, but it wasn't until the movement of Homo heidelbergensis into the Teflon producing regions of the planet that the /nonstick/ pizza cutter was even a technological possibility.
ytk, May 13 2011

       damn, you have me there. Astropicthicus cut their pizza hot, thus avoiding the whole problem. I suppose I need to do more research before I go objecting to "homo!" as an exclamation.
WcW, May 14 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] echo
hippo, May 17 2011


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