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All too mortal snowmen

Frosty RIP
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Hmm, in a cold winter field near Quantico, you could have a load of snowmen lying on the ground, in shallow graves, etc.

The FBI agents could get practice gauging snowman decomposition rates, predation*, etc.

That's my Forensic Science Nobel Prize in the bag.

*people nicking the carrot, bits of coal, sticks, scarves etc

not_morrison_rm, Dec 20 2018


       "How did he die, Doc ?"   

       "From his colour, looks like he bled out ..."
8th of 7, Dec 20 2018

If his core temperature hasn't risen above the evaporation point we may be able to revive him! Crash-sled with an Oldsilkhatiscope and 50 cc's of Icicipsilocybin STAT!



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