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Neurotransmitter absorbing (or surplusizing) glial cytes treat mental illness

modifying of passive diffusion of neurotransmitters is kind of like an SSRI; modifying the outer membrane thickness of glial cytes could be a new treatment for mental illness or be a nootropic; photonics could localize this to beneficial regions of the CNS
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I read that passive diffusion causes the amount of neurotransmitters to vary at the synaptic cleft because glial cytes absorb the neurotransmitters (at the synaptic cleft) (wikipedia)

Creating glial cytes with different thickness membranes could change the amount of neurotransmitters between synapses; that is kind of like an SSRI.

Gene therapy (genetic engineering) that modifies the outer membrane of glial cytes could do this, as could drugs that cause the transport proteins as well as receptors at the surface of glial cytes to absorb more (or fewer) neurotransmitter molecules

Glial cytes migrate suggesting more rapid development of gene therapy, or even in vitro transport or receptor modifying drug development.

combining known technologies, migrating glial cytes could migrate preferentially with photonic cueing so they could migrate locations at the CNS with cofocalized laser light (flashlight fingers at the CNS)

beanangel, Jul 01 2016


       Isn't cyte a suffix? so Microglia, Glia( cells) or Gliacyte.   

       [beanangel] This would be a fundamental blurring of maintenance and information fuctions and would, I am wildly guessing, cause more complications than the fine control over neurotransmitters needed.   

       I don't know the Glial turnover rate but it will have to be the stem line that gets the genetic alteration.
wjt, Mar 22 2020


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