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Allergy-free cats and dogs

Genetically engineer animals so they don't provoke an allergic response.
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I think this is within our reach today. It is likely that there are only a couple genes which control the making of the protein that makes us allergic people suffer. Knock these out, and you have an otherwise normal animal who doesn't make us allergic. Think of the possibilities!
guyonthecouch, Jun 28 2001

And on BBC News. http://news.bbc.co....1411000/1411802.stm
[angel, Jun 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

"Why are you staring at me?" http://www.mybaldpu.../pages/03030001.htm
An allegedly hypoallergenic alternative.

(It seems incredible that the cat-fanciers got to this domain first.) [Monkfish, Jun 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Portuguese Water Dog Club of America http://www.pwdca.org/
[PotatoStew, Jun 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Maine Coon Cats http://www.allpets....ts/topic.asp?id=966
"Minimal dander makes Maine Coons easier to tolerate by some people with allergies." [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       And a piece on NPR. Suspicious.
francois, Jun 29 2001

       And an article in the Daily Mail. Ooooh!
angel, Jun 29 2001

       There's an article in the Straits Times, too. I think it's not very nice, actually.   

       I happen to be allergic to animal fur, but it's no big deal, I live with it. (And up until a month ago, I was living at my parents' place with 8 cats!)
jetgrrl, Jun 29 2001

       It makes as much sense to genetically-engineer people so that they're not allergic to cats. If you have a cat allergy you can avoid cats, take medication, or get over it.
I suspect that cats do this deliberately to test one's affection. If you have a cat allergy and *still* house a cat, you've passed (witness [UnaBubba]).
I also suspect that many people who claim to be allergic to cats actually just dislike or fear cats, but consider this to be irrational, and invent the allergy as cover.
angel, Jun 29 2001

       Breeding dogs (or cats, or whatever) is qualitatively different from genetically engineering them.
angel, Jun 29 2001

       i thought this was going to be an idea to produce cats and dogs that don't suffer from allergies.
mihali, Jun 29 2001

       Most people are not actually allergic to the fur of the dog or cat but rather the dead skin and in some cases the the oils that their pores produce. There already is a form of hypoallergenic dog, it's called a poodle, I know this because the breed a special dog called a labradoodle (I kid you not, it's a cross of a labradore and a poodle) it's used for blind people who have dog allergy... (pedigree poodles are too stupid/neurotic [generally] to be guide dogs).
solomungus, Jun 29 2001

       I think we should genetically alter the animal rights neurotics. How dare you tell us to "get over it", or "genetically alter allergic humans", or "live with it". There is NO valid reason for not genetically altering animals to be allergen-free.
willo, Aug 07 2001

       Baked... get a Portuguese Water Dog. My wife is very allergic to dogs, but she has no problems with this kind. And they're even better than poodles because they're smart, they aren't neurotic, and they don't look so hoity-toity.
PotatoStew, Aug 07 2001

       Cat & Dog allergy aerosol cans. That would be my first drug I do, to prove that I was designed within the specifications of this universe. The only nonfasion thing that is wrong with me is that my hands dry out like an old master tape.
Amishman35, Dec 17 2001

snarfyguy, Dec 18 2001

       Oh, Amishman, don't you think it would be better as a transdural implant?
bristolz, Dec 18 2001

       I personally am seriously allergic to fur, in particular cats. I am talking amphelactic shock here. I have wanted a cat all my life; I absolutely adore them. I highly encourage the developement of hypoallergenic animals!
Shutterbug, Jan 02 2002

       I think you are actually allergic to the dander, the dried saliva on the animal skin, rather than the fur itself. Advice: If you truly have an anaphylactic shock reaction it is life-threatening and you should always be carrying an ampule of adrenaline. I know. I have almost died twice from anaphylaxis. I mean REALLY close calls.
bristolz, Jan 03 2002

       Dried Salive On The Skin? That Doesnt Sound So Appetising...I Once Watched This Move About This Guy Who Wanted To Get Rid Of His Dog Allergy...Not Quite Sure What Was Happening..And All The Cats Were Jealous...It Was Crazy. I Love Kitties...They Make Me Sneeze :(
RebelliousFerret, Dec 24 2002

       You can get shampoos that get rid of all the dander on your pets but surperisingly enough they kick up a bit of a fuss
Milo, Jun 30 2003

       why in gods name would you genetically alter an animal! how would you like it if some one genetically altered you!
a, Aug 15 2003

       Even if [angle] objects it would make more sense to genetically engineer humans who don't have allergic reactions. That would eliminate all problems with pollen, soap, peanuts, etc. too. Or eat a live tapeworm. Supposedly that keeps the immune system busy enough so it doesn't have time for allergic escapades.
kbecker, Aug 15 2003

       I'm all for the genetic engineering of cats, but not to humans because humans are more complex, and alteration would be done when the animal (person) is still an embryo so while all cats have dandruff and this is something that the embryo determines people develope immunities after they are born because of a mistake in creating antibodies. And in response to "a" I wouldn't think much of genetic engineering because I 'd just be an embryo.   

       I am very allergic to cats, yet love them dearly. Finally became a father to a Maine Coon cat which is tolerated by many people who are allergic to cats.   

       They are also intelligent and wonderful cats. Mine would sit, come, stay, fetch, speak (squeek?) on command and was toilet trained and loved riding in the car. In addition, he loved to take weekly baths with me in the tub.   

Klaatu, Apr 23 2004

       //it's a cross of a labradore and a poodle//   

       I can imagine the poodle getting excited around a female labrador, but I still think somebody put him up to it.
zigness, Apr 24 2004

       Klaatu, in case no one else says it- Welcome Back! My cats do not go outside at all, and I find most people who think they are allergic to cats do not have problems at my house. Of course I know there are real cat dander allergies, just haven't met one yet.
dentworth, Apr 24 2004


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