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High-voltage window nets

Conductive mosquito net with applied high voltage filters pollens
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If you're allergic to pollens you know it's almost impossible to avoid breathing them in top season, even at home. But now, thre's a chance:

1. throw out your regular mosquito net 2. install the suggested new metallic mosquito net attached to high voltage generator

Now every time you open your window, the generator converts mechanical energy (opening the window) to electric current that charges a small rechargeable battery. This battery powers the 20kV low current inverter. When pollen or dust particles pass this net, they take up the charge from the net so they now become "sticky", they stick to surrounding objects with a different electrical charge.

A more effective model would comprise of 2 nets close to each other, one charged to +10kV, other to -10kV. The particles would become charged after passing the 1st and trapped by 2nd net, depending on the air flow direction.

slovakmartin, Jun 30 2010


       Sounds like a nice idea. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2010


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