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Giant Ionic Breeze machine

a HUGE electric air filter
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if you've seen the ad on tv for the "Ionic Breeze" air filter from sharper image, imagine very large towers that serve the same purpose. For those of you not familiar withe the ionic breeze machine, its an air cleaner that uses ion charged plates to collect air and dust as well as allergy stuff. But a huge one of these could be built over L.A. or NYC that could reduce the smog in the air. it could be self cleaning and run off little energy. this could reduce pollution in our air. perhaps these filters could be fitted into cars to reduce hazardous emissons.
Slaith, Jan 30 2006

Ion Cannon Ion_20cannon
I halfbaked up this same scheme a while ago. In fact, exactly 3 years ago. What are the chances? [bungston, Jan 30 2006]


       These devices are called "Electrostatic Precipitators". How large would the EP have to be to cover L.A.? What impurities would they remove from car exhausts?
Jinbish, Jan 30 2006

       It Would be more efficient to process the exhaust fumes *before* they enter the air, so I would prefer that they be fitted into the exhaust system of each vehicle. It would be interesting to see how many extra particulates this technology would remove..
Minimal, Jan 30 2006

       So kind of like commercial precipitators, but overpriced and ineffective? I think you could accomplish the same thing by simply putting a big sign on a skyscraper that says "Ionic Breeze" and charging the local government a vast quantity of money
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 30 2006

       For those who haven't been paying attention, ionic breeze filters actually:   

       a) are completely ineffective (per Consumer Reports tests).
b) throw off ozone, which is poisonous in the same way as carbon monoxide (that's the distinctive smell down-wind of these things and some laser printers).

       Even if it worked in the first place, I doubt the citizens of Los Angeles would be grateful if you added even more ozone to their air.
DrCurry, Jan 30 2006

       //ozone, which is poisonous in the same way as carbon monoxide // Is that true [DrC]?
Carbon monoxide is toxic because it binds with haemoglobin more strongly than oxygen, but ozone *is* oxygen, abeit more reactive than O2. I thought the main danger was from lung tissue damage.
coprocephalous, Jan 31 2006


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