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SOS Lining

Print SOS symbol and details of malady on inside of clothing
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I have recently ceased a tour of duty in a well known jewellers in the UK. The nation's favourite, in fact. Not mine. One of the products stocked by said jewellers was SOS bracelets, pendants and badges for the dangerously allergic. The problem is that most of the customers looking to buy one didn't like the look of them and felt they would ruin their outfit.

So I propose having a line of jackets, neckties, hats and such like that have a lining with the SOS symbol and details of the wearers allergy printed on. This would result in any helpful bystanders in seeing these things and being correctly instructed when they automatically loosen the victim's clothing, something we've all learnt to do from the media.

harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004


       I gave it a + but I don't think my fellow pedestrians would be completely impressed as I madly rip at the clothes of the beautiful unconcious blonde in front of me ... claiming something about 'wanted to grab hold of her vital equipment'.
britboy, Dec 06 2004

       make it a designer label on the outside? perhaps symbols could be used e.g. a peanut with a red cross over the top.
po, Dec 06 2004

       Allergy chic? It could be the next big thing.
harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004

       I think [britboy] was thinking more along the lines of allergy chick.
wagster, Dec 06 2004

       They should all be made to wear hats saying "I am a genetic reject" and detailing whatever is wrong with them.
Belfry, Dec 06 2004

harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004

       Or you could just make nicer jewelery?
dobtabulous, Dec 06 2004

       The problem with the jewellery is that it contains information written on a piece of paper on the wearer's condition. This makes it quite large and gaudy. Not much room for improvement with regards to the jewellery I'm afraid.
harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004

       Around here, the jewelry is engraved with the information, and available in fashionable styles.   

       Two problems: The reason pendants are used is so they can be easily located, and engraved. This idea makes the information more difficult to locate, and more likely to wear out.   

       (Note: They are supposed to be worn around the wrist or neck so clothing doesn't have to be removed to find them.)
Shz, Dec 06 2004

       More difficult, maybe, but people are likely to loosen clothing if someone collapses. Also, a lot of people just don't wear the pendants as they dislike them. This is for those people. As for wearing out, if it were embroidered rather than printed it would have a longer life. The problem is that because people don't like them a lot of them just aren't wearing them (mainly younger people). There are a variety of styles but nothing that really appeals to these people. This would provide them with an alternative to, you know, risking their lives.
harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004

       Perhaps if it displayed a Jolly Roger instead of a Caduceus?..
Shz, Dec 06 2004

       Very goth.
harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004

       RFID tag with complete medical history contained therein. Probably won't help much until the victim is in the hospital or ambulance, but how much good is "Penicillin Allergic" going to do for a good samaritan on the street anyway?
Noexit, Dec 08 2004


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