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Service to provide buisiness-card size allergy info in many languages.
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Travelling abroad? Don't know the language (well)? Severly allergic to a food item (let's say peanuts)? Go to Allergycard.com, enter up to four languages and your food allergies, and for the low price of $29.99 we will send you 100 printed cards. These cards are business card sized, have a picture of the food item with an X through it, and have instructions similar to the following:

"Hi, I'm severly allergic to peanuts. I don't speak your language well, but please instruct the chef of my allergy. Do not serve me anything containing peanuts, or I will become ill and will have to be rushed to a hospital."

Simply hand one to your server at any restaurant on your journey and you can enjoy a much safer, care-free dining experience.

Worldgineer, Jun 23 2003

(?) Food Allergy Buddy http://www.supermar...u.com/page.cfm/7512
Similar. A more clear, non-verbal way to make sure the chef doesn't mess up your restaurant order. [tchaikovsky, Dec 21 2004]

Select Wisely http://www.selectwisely.com/
Exactly my idea. [Worldgineer, Feb 17 2006]


       Also try Vegetariancard.com, Vegancard.com, and new Ilikereallyspicyfoodcard.com.
Worldgineer, Jun 23 2003

       My father is severely allergic to both nut products and wasp stings. This would help in local situations for him as well, since half the people where he lives are French, which he doesn't speak or understand. Un croissant pour vous!
Cr0esus47, Jun 23 2003

       Yes, one for eggs please. My girlfriend doesn't eat 'em and it's really difficult to avoid them in some places; they're just in everything.
snarfyguy, Jun 23 2003

       "Hi, please don't feed me grapes or raisins. They make my ears itchy."   

half, Jun 23 2003

       [tchai] How is that more clear? I ran a test, and it just has text. Plus it's only in english, which fails in restaurants or countries where you don't speak the same language. Kind of kills most of the point of this. (sorry if I sound bitter - it appears they've baked this after my idea, but took away 90% of it's usefulness)
Worldgineer, Dec 22 2004

       I'm sorry. I didn't mean that it's more clear than your idea. I think I was just summarizing their claim- that giving a card to your server is a more clear way of communicating than just telling him or her what you want. Like I said, it 's just a similar idea. Your idea's usefulness has a much broader reach.
tchaikovsky, Dec 22 2004

       Thanks [tchai]. Despite my grumbling I do appreciate the link.
Worldgineer, Dec 22 2004

       great idea!
benfrost, Dec 24 2004

       How about scratch and sniff for those really hard to reach languages Khmer, Cambodian...
subflower, Aug 09 2005

       Ok, but what if you're eating in an evil restaurant? You need... The Allergycard2.com!   

       This simple piece of absorbent cardstck paper comes printed on one side with an innocent message, while the edge or center is impregnated with chemicals that are very sensitive to your particular allergy. Simply moisten your AllergyCard2 with the food. If it doesn't change color you're safe.
joeforker, Aug 09 2005

       Ok, well someone has now baked my exact idea (link). I knew I should have tried to market this one.
Worldgineer, Feb 17 2006


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