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Aluminum Cell Phone Pocket Protector

Do people who wear a cell phone over their heart in their shirt pocket need to be protected fron cell phone radiation?
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Do I need to be protected from cell phone radiation?

IF they do need protection from the phone, would a pocket protector with metal shield next to the heart do the job?

Would the metal shield screw up your phone service ? Be better off to wear it the phone somewhere else like in your hip pocket ?

( I had a heart flutter recently and stopped it by placing a wet hand over my heart. So I am wondering what causes the heart to dance out of step. )\

I don't have spare phone to wrap up in aluminum foil, but I assume you don't get any calls then. Just the back side of phone case/pocket protector would have a metal coat. Would it just act as an antenna or sink or what ?

Surely the cell phone makers had to cover this sometime. Anyone know the right search terms?

popbottle, Jun 04 2017

Prior idea Conductive_20Adhesive_20Tape
Same song sort of. [popbottle, Jun 04 2017]

Specific absorption rate https://en.wikipedi...fic_absorption_rate
Not very useful [8th of 7, Jun 04 2017]


       OR Should I just get a colander to wear like the screwballs on late night tv ?
popbottle, Jun 04 2017

       // Do I need to be protected from cell phone radiation? //   

       No. No point. You're too far gone already.   

       Do normal people need to be protected from cell phone radiation ? Again, no. Given the SAR <link> and the low power levels, the comparative risk is minimal when you consider other threats to health and well-being.   

       Should you wear a colander on your head ? Undoubtedly yes; it provides some measure of protection from the CIA Brane Ray, although the full aluminum foil suit worn next to the skin is recommended.
8th of 7, Jun 04 2017

       From the title I thought this was going to be to protect your legs from battery explosions. The model rocketry manual I read cover-to-cover when I was younger despite never having built or launched a model rocket (or even really wanted to) said that you should not use aluminium for the blast plate of your launch stand because the rocket exhaust will burn through it.
notexactly, Jun 04 2017

       //you should not use aluminium for the blast plate of your launch stand because the rocket exhaust will burn through it.// Yes but I thought the radiation from a mobile phone antenna was somewhat less powerful than that. Please reassure me...???
pocmloc, Jun 05 2017

       sp aluminium grrrrrrr
xenzag, Jun 05 2017

       //consider the far higher power of each of the many cellular transmitters, of all the networks, of 2G/3G/4G, that are constantly bathing you//   

       You've never lived in East Anglia, have you, [Ian]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2017

       No-one lives in East Anglia. It is not possible to live in East Anglia. It is just barely possible to exist there, but "living" it ain't ...   

       As to electromagnetic radiation, once the sun goes down you've got a few cosmic rays, and the overspill from the High Energy Research Establishment at Attleborough - candlelight is so romantic. No moon or starlight because of the constant 8/8 overcast, but at some times of year there's the faint phosphorescent glow from decaying vegetation. And that's it.
8th of 7, Jun 05 2017

       Tell me more of these "candles" of which you speak.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2017

       They have been proposed as a potential source of artificial illumination, using a fuel/air oxidation effect called "fire". The phenomenon had not been observed until very recently, because everything in fenland is too wet and cold to burn - even now, outside specialists with high-tech equipment and materials have to be regularly called in for the routine witch-burnings*.   

       The process depends on exotic materials, such as dry string and refined beef tallow (since the inhabitants tend to consume their beef raw, using imported flint tools, there is rarely anything left to refine). Producing the first "candle" was referred to as the "Thorpe Project", after the island in the River Yare east of Norwich - the nearest they could get to Manhattan.   

       There were grave concerns that when the device was initiated it could destroy all of East Anglia. As a result, the border fence to the west was thronged with crowds all chanting "Burn ! Burn ! Burn ! " However, this just caused puzzlement as up to this point the natives didn't know what burning was.   

       Sadly, the test was a disaster, in that it failed to destroy even the smallest part of that benighted county. One experimenter did get a small burn on their finger, and in due course a nasty little scab appeared, but shortly afterwards Jeremy Corbyn realized that the locals didn't understand voting and further campaigning was pointless, so he left.   


       *This is considered merciful, indeed a "soft option" by many, who deem that the real punishment witches deserve is much worse, i.e. leaving them alone and unharmed to go on residing in norfolk with no hope of ever leaving.
8th of 7, Jun 06 2017

       Well actually you won't, because the postmen will all be on strike, as will the broadcasters, there'll be no broadband, and unless you have standalone battery-powered equipment or a generator (presuming you can buy fuel) the power cuts will leave you to read old-fashioned paper books by candlelight.   

       But you'll have Socialism. Won't that be nice ?
8th of 7, Jun 06 2017


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