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Amazing Bag Woman

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Today we were on top of my building looking down at the empty Sunday city streets, and we looked at the plastic bags floating about, seemingly with lives of their own. My friend decided she wanted to have the super power of being able to control all plastic bags - and so Amazing Bag Woman was born.

Wearing a tight see through plastic bag garment, this super villain approaches any melee with hundreds of floating shopping bags - each with their own names and abilities - floating mysteriously about her. At her beckoning they attack and attach themsleves to the intended targets with devastating consequences.

Her only weakness is rain and those guys who collect the shopping trolleys.

benfrost, Aug 28 2005

The litter attack http://scifiscripts.../scripts/brazil.txt
Scene 139. Excuse me [ben], it was newspaper they used, not bags. [wagster, Aug 28 2005]

(?) Wal-Mart Greeter Man http://new.kungfoo....ndex.php/photos/810
Old man wearing a Wal-Mart bag. [baconbrain, Aug 30 2005, last modified Sep 02 2005]


       Has your friend seen Brazil too?
wagster, Aug 28 2005

       Um, not getting the "see through" part - with superheroes, it's usually "skin-tight," not "see-through" (apart from the invisible ones, of course). Hormones acting up again?   

       Also, why would rain neutralise her? That might be a problem for wagster's Newspaperman, but plastic is waterproof...
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       I totally get the "see through" part, of course in my imagination the heroine lacks her super ability to cut my voyeurism short with a reality shopping bag slap to the eyes.
reensure, Aug 28 2005

       [ben] needs something to do on sundays.
Pericles, Aug 28 2005

       //Her only weakness is rain // her bottom could do with some reinforcement in my experience.
po, Aug 28 2005

       [po] ...and her arms... they go all stretchy and snap if she eats too much.
Dub, Aug 28 2005

       //[ben] needs something to do on sundays//
I'm guessing church is not an option.

       ben, you better be nice to your friend, or she'll bag you in your sleep!
blissmiss, Aug 28 2005

       //they go all stretchy and snap if she eats too much// - In which case use a Double Amazing Bag Woman, deals with the heaviest mobsters.
wagster, Aug 28 2005

       she wouldn't have see-through bags all over her body - just in bits here and there to keep the adolescent readers interested. Her weakness to rain causes the bags to fill with drips, and cling to street poles. I think she would also have a plastic bag over her head with eye holes - and maybe a zip lock area for the mouth, so that we may only find her true identity somewhere in another issue.
benfrost, Aug 28 2005

       "To the Bagcave!"   

       bah bun hah bun hum bah.... bah bun hah bun hum bah....   

       "listen, this old system of yours could be on fire and I couldn't even turn on the kitchen tap without filling out a 27b/6... Bloody paperwork"
Zimmy, Aug 29 2005

       baconbrain thats perfect
benfrost, Aug 30 2005

       Atleast finding a beau won't be all that difficult. (Oh my god, that link, ewwwwwwwyyyyy).
blissmiss, Aug 30 2005


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