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American Excess

The credit card with built-in tip
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In many parts of the world, it is customary to give a tip for restaurant service. However, calculating the tip, after a hefty meal and two bottles of wine can be problematic.

I propose the following solution - American Excess, a credit card with built-in tip. Credit card users would specify in advance, with their the card issuer, the amount to be added to bills - say 10%.

To simplify matters, card owners would be supplied with two cards. One card would be automatically tip and be adorned with the word, "Thankyou" . The other would have the words - "You Suck..."

riposte, Apr 07 2001

American Demographics: The Give and Take of Tipping http://www.demograp...9702_ad/9702A51.HTM
Mentions the experiment PeterSealy remembers, done by Bruce Rind with Prashant Bordia and his other students at Temple University, in a campus restaurant. Important non-PC detail: only _female_ waitstaff who drew a smiling face increased their tip; men took a loss for being unmanly. [jutta, Apr 07 2001]


       I've never understood why/how someone could have a hard time calculating figures. Math is the perfect science. Then again, I rarely use a Pocket Calculator. Could it be the Calculator has de-evolved some of our societies Grey Matter?
thumbwax, Apr 07 2001

       i have a wristwatch calculator. ha ha.
nick_n_uit, Apr 08 2001

       just move the decimal point one to the left, $30.00 becomes $3.00 etc, not rocket science
dekoi, Sep 13 2001


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