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Bend with the Butt Cards

make those bankcards, creditcards and all bend with the butt!
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I, as a man, do carry a wallet in my backpocket. Because of that, in the last few years, I've had many of those cards broken because of the intense use of my rear as sitting device, and therefore a constant bending pressure to the valuable content of my wallet. That's why I suggest to use another kind of polymer to produce all those cards out of!
BartJan, Jun 12 2001

Standardised Buttock Measurements http://www.halfbake...tock_20Measurements
Just how much pressure do your credit cards have to withstand? [DrBob, Jun 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Utilikilts http://www.utilikilts.com/index.htm
The pockets move with the garment, not with your ass. [Eugene, Jan 02 2005]


       You could just move your wallet to your front pocket. Or get a European carryall...
bookworm, Jun 12 2001

       "intense use of my rear as a sitting device"   

       Is anyone else intensely uncomfortable with that linguistic construction? Or is it just the way I'm sitting?
globaltourniquet, Jun 12 2001

       hmm...I've carried my wallet in my back pocket for years without any problems. Maybe your butt is too much for the cards to bear.   

       (and the title does sound like a wierd sex thing)
borivan, Jun 12 2001

       Me, I'm one of those people who're convinced that sitting on your wallet is bad for your spine. This would just encourage that habit, which is bad, unless you're a chiropractor.
sera, Jun 12 2001

       Increasingly companies are making phone cards, rail passes, miles cards (to store points when purchases are made at a certain store) and ID's out of a much thinner kind of plastic which indeed is nice and flexible. Not in Europe, where manufacturers like their products to be tough, sturdy, and generally bulky, but in -- as far as I know -- places like Japan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong (I believe Hong Kong even has a law against flipping rail passes to make a snappy noise on their subway system). Anyway, I don't see why this plastic couldn't be used for credit cards, other than the hassle involved in replacing 10 trillion terminals in stores and ATM's worldwide.
Dr Furtz, Jun 13 2001

       I, as a woman, also carry a wallet in my back pocket. If that makes me weird, okay... but anyway. Getting a coat wallet is fine and good, but what if you live in a country that never requires the wearing of a coat? I live in one of those countries. I hate big wallets, I like a wallet which I can put in my back pocket...
jetgrrl, Jun 13 2001

       Another thing with the coat wallet is the lack of a certain security. When using the backpocket the wallet is close to my body, it gives me the idea of total control. And jetgrrl, it takes more to be called weirrd, but i like your gender-crossing habits...
BartJan, Jun 13 2001

       I simply wear cargo pants or cargo shorts (with extra pockets on the sides just above the knees) - cell phone in left pocket, wallet in right. I'm not a fashionable guy, so this solution works well for me.   

       I'm all for clothes designed for techheads who have to have their cell phone, PDA, and MP3 player with them at all times..
randydarden, Jun 13 2001

       As I've mentioned elsewhere, it's high time for Batman-style utility belts to carry all your assorted electronics and personal effects.
PotatoStew, Jun 14 2001

       The solution, BartJan, is to get a bigger arse. The curvature will be such that a 70mm long card does not need to bend. I have been trying this tactic myself but I find it easier to just carry a handbag than to eat more than 1800calories a day. (and I'm a sucker for accessories anyway, there's no style involved in being lardy)
lewisgirl, Jun 14 2001

       You got me there, Lewisgrl... One thing I don't have is a big arse, so with a small arse the angle is sharper and the bending heavier... That explains something about the way my cards bend and break easy, hmm...
BartJan, Jun 14 2001

       Just bring back the bum-bag*. We all loved it first time around, so why not again?   

       *You probably call this something different in the US. Fanny-bag or the like.
-alx, Jun 14 2001

       the real solution is to carry less stuff. i use cigarrette case to carry three credit cards, my driver's license, an ATM card, and my rex pda in my front pocket. cash goes in the other pocket. and the case protects both pda and the cards from bending/breaking.
mihali, Jun 14 2001

       I don't carry handbags either, it gives me something else to lose (and purses are too small and girly. Men's ones are just gross). I put everything in my trouser pockets, or a backpack if I don't have pockets that day. BartJan: Girls here think I'm weird for not carrying a girly wallet or handbag. I'm very cross-gender-y by my country's norms.
jetgrrl, Jun 19 2001

       [jetgrrl] you're making me curious now in which country these cross-gender habits are called weird...
BartJan, Jun 19 2001

       [BartJan] In the country where conformity is King. Where creativity is encouraged, but only if it's single-party-leadership-sanctioned creative. Where censorship is rife, but the country is trying to promote itself as a home for the arts. (Big hint here) Where the Janet Jackson album's been banned.
jetgrrl, Jun 20 2001

       Just to report, my creditcard broke this week. It's the third one in 2 years... Where are those BwtB-cards?
BartJan, Jul 20 2001

       Like [waugsqueke] and [lewisgirl], my arse is of modest dimensions and yet, like [BartJan] I have never had this problem, despite carrying ID cards and travel passes in my rear jeans pocket. It may have something to do with taking care to only sit on soft, yielding surfaces.
[Mephista] (surely a "practising woman", rather than a "practicing woman"?), you are correct about the Tardis-like properties of men's pockets.
I have no idea where [jetgrrl] lives.
hippo, Jul 20 2001

       It looks like I'm allmost unique with this problem,or? Btw, it's Singapore...
BartJan, Jul 20 2001

       Not me...I keep mine in a front pocket because I don't want to have to sit on it. Apparently people who do that have much thinner wallets...   

       My father's cards are bent to his butt, tho...He whipped out one at a restaurant the other night and my brother and I both started laughing...it looks like a shallow, rectangular bowl.
StarChaser, Jul 21 2001

       Some European banks issue their credit cards inside little plastic protective `things`...you slide the card inside, but its thin enough to still fit in a wallet. Probably.
Pallex, Jul 23 2001

       Or you could just get a magnetic strip stuck onto one of your buttocks. This could then be used to store debit card information, although getting it into ATMs could be difficult. Hey presto.... smart-card technology for your bottom. Only problem is....what to call it ? Nobody likes a Smart-Arse.
cookster, Jul 24 2001

       Despite having, what I gues is an average-sized rear end, I'm a front-loader myself for the reasons outlined by Mephista. But this whole conversation has clearly demonstrated a need for...<rushes off to post idea>...Standardised Buttock Measurements.
DrBob, Jul 25 2001

       im a girl, and i wear a really thick cowhide wallet on my left butt cheek all the time! the wallet is like worn in to the curvature of my ass though, lol...so i have no rpoblems, and its real comfy :) i
cowgirl18991, Jan 10 2002

cowgirl18991, Jan 12 2002

       jetgrrl, ladies and gents.......i don't carry a wallet.....but i too stopped carrying handbags and wearing gladrags years ago.......too much baggage for me.........but actually it all started when my sister started to steal from me.......hundreds of $$$$.... much safer to carry money in my pockets and i still do so even though i have been away from home for 25 plus years..........and i do not use credit cards.........dont know who is that bigger thief.....sis or the interest on credit cards ?
grnidlady, Jan 13 2002

       jettgrl was that intended for me? lol   

       anyway, as a girl with a butt cheek wallet, i must say that i think the problem's already solved sorta ;)   

       i dunno if this really applies for guys with baggy pants but if your a girl, or wear tight patns and a wallet on your butt cheek, the whole wallet contorts to fit your butt exactly, lol...when i take mine out its like a C...any other girls get this??   

       and i dunno wear i found it but my wallet is like specifically meant for a girls' butt cheek, lol
cowgirl18991, Mar 19 2002

       to the top...whats with girls not havin wallets?
cowgirl18991, Mar 31 2002

       Hurray! It took the banks 3 years to realize how great this idea is. ABN-AMRO bank in Holland now provides more flexible bankdcards (another polymer), which means it doesn't break that easy anymore (hopefully not at all, but that's to find out). Anyway; it IS baked now!
BartJan, Jan 02 2005


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