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Amphibious Motorhomestead

Live in the traveling homestead
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Travel trailer or motorhome enhancements:

Place wind protected vertical greenhouse gardens and solar panels on the side of the home.

Place an expandable, wheel-less folding camper on the top of the motor home, with access through the motor home roof to add more room.

Place gutters on the structure to catch rainwater to stored in collapsible barrels.

A windmill could also be attached to the house. The windmill propeller blades will change pitch for use while driving or while parked, and fold down when not needed.

A projection TV would be watched on a screen that rolled down to cover or up to expose a bookcase or such so the space a regular TV required would not be be taken.

A composting toilet would be in the well ventilated restroom.


Edit 2020 5 10 Changed title from "Motor home or travel trailer accessories" to "amphibious Motorhomestead"

Adding: Motorhomestead houseboat

Make the motorhomestead a houseboat with a drive on/drive off self powered barge that will float the entire motorhomestead in a flood, or allow you to live in the motorhomestead as a houseboat. The tires are held in place with chocks or indentations in barge top. The hollow barge could also offer additional storage of light goods contained in waterproof containers.

Sunstone, Apr 27 2020


       Sounds like fun when the winter storms - or worse, a tornado - comes a-callin' ...   

       None of those things sound like a particular unique innovation.
8th of 7, Apr 27 2020


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