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Apache Overalls

fashion for the bikers!
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As traffic regulations start to get very formal - seat belt, noise level etc, it seems that the most free transport form bike / motorbike are too practical in their expression.

Regardless of your opinion on favoured transport, it can be argued that the motorbike and bicycle are the most free. You're much more likely to hear of a motorbike with a name like 'freebird' than car.

Bikes are inherently singular in their use. You can be much more connected with the environment when on a bike as you feel the weather more and your sense of smell is less restricted.

Bikers on sportsbikes in particular, ironically wear very formal looking gear - almost always some gaudy or all black fascist looking overalls - there's no denim or feathers.

For something that's free like a bird, they should wear things more akin to spirituality like native American indian clothes - imagine the black protective clothing covered with Apache styled cloth, more stringy and free looking. You see some easy riders with this look but not on sports bikes (even though sportsbikes are like the eagle of the bike world)

They should have protective clothes with an eye for a more fashionable expression, I think.

user314, Nov 08 2009


       with matching feather-headress helmet ? .... [+] ok
FlyingToaster, Nov 08 2009

       Potato bike where?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 08 2009

       // some gaudy or all black fascist looking overalls - there's no denim or feathers.....sportsbikes are like the eagle of the bike world //   

       More like ospreys, actually - a high speed impact and a big splash.   

       There's a good reason for all that kevlar, nylon, leather and goretex. And having paid an arm and a leg to hopefully retain both arms and both legs, showing off one's fancy one-piece suit is part of the ethos of riding a sports bike. Since the damn things take so long to get in to , adding another layer which is purely decorative would not attract, and fringes and feathers would either be annoyingly noisy or simply be ripped off by the slipstream at 200 kph +.   

       Besides, has it occurred to you that to some, looking like a Borg is actually a fashion statement ?
8th of 7, Nov 08 2009


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