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one hump or two?
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Camels are very tall and have either one hump or two, depending on the variety, but all have large feet, a goose neck and a few other distinguishing features.

Horses are quite tall, but not as tall as camels. They have no humps and their feet are quite small. They have other differences of course, but some are not relevant to our purpose here.

The Camelverter kit will substantially convert any horse into that of a camel.

The saddle is the main part of the conversion, and contains under its raised profile two padded humps, which fit comfortably against the horse's back. These humps can be used as extra storage to hold a variety of materials, like additional water for example. Inflating the humps raises them even higher, but decreases stability.

The over-shoes are next. These are held in place by simple ankle straps. They enable the horse to traverse soft sand in essentially the same way as that of a camel.

Riding a Camelverted horse simply requires a modified technique, by adopting a much higher position, with longer reins and promoting a more ambling gait.

The inevitable delux version comes with an enhanced head harness, which features nostril, and eye flaps, that can be closed over in the event of a sand storm, mimicking the camel's natural ability to shield itself from the effects of blowing sand.

Camelverter is particularly useful for those who like to travel around assuming a lofty stance, but also be able to cross shifting desert sands with impunity.

xenzag, Jun 11 2013


       You can convert a donkey into a mule with 1 hump.
4and20, Jun 11 2013


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