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Car-Kebab Ranch

With apologies to the makers of the Cadillac Ranch
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The Car-Kebab Ranch is a line of cars standing on end, each of which has a pole running through its centre. These poles are connected top and bottom to a heavy frame for strength, and to support the weather proof motor, batteries and solar energy array, that make them slowly rotate like kebabs.

The work is designed to be pounded and battered, so that over time the cars are reduced to crumpled heaps of tattered metal, which nevertheless continue to turn forlornly on their supporting poles.

xenzag, Jan 25 2007

Wikipedia: Cadillac Ranch http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Cadillac_Ranch
By the Ant Farm. [jutta, Jan 25 2007]

Carhenge http://lizzy.smugmu...ry/1631340#79574784
another perfect monument to the climate wreckers [xenzag, Jan 26 2007]


       Is there a large grinder cutting off oily slices of carbab into a crescent steel dish? And a queue of drunken junkyard scavengers mumbling "Yeh. Chilli sauce... an' summothat green stuff..."?
wagster, Jan 25 2007

       There could be welding torches, and other power tools on theft proof chains, stored in coin operated vending cabinets. You get 5 minutes of fun, before the chains wind them back inside.
xenzag, Jan 25 2007

       [xenzag], that anno deserves a bun, perhaps an idea of it's own.
normzone, Jan 25 2007

       As I read this I thought you were going to suggest a kebab restaurant at which patrons climb inside one of the cars as it slowly rotates and eat their kebabs whilst being lightly toasted by an enormous external grill. A "Sweat out the grease, while you eat it" sort of scenario. A fat free solution for the tempted kebabics out there. Some of whom [Wags] is evidently familiar with.
theleopard, Jan 26 2007


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