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An End to Missed Calls

....by being able to set a timer.
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about half of my missed calls occur when I am able to answer them, i.e. because of forgetting to turn off 'silent'. A way to solve this is: when you start the 'silent' mode there is an option ('unlimited' silent being the other) to set the time duration, after which 'silent' turns off. So after your engagement, you won't need to remember to turn 'silent' off. Of course you should still be free to turn 'silent' off yourself at any time.
samosa_pirate, Feb 11 2008


       Good idea. I'm sure I've seen it on a cell phone somewhere, though. [Later] Can't find it on the Internet, nor on any of my phones.
baconbrain, Feb 11 2008

       I would hope baconbrain is correct, to me this seems more useful than a zoom lens and a flash.   

       ps: I have taken exactly 11 pics on my cell phone in the past year.
samosa_pirate, Feb 11 2008

       My el-cheapo Nokia 1110 can do this, among various other Nokias (that I'm aware of). I've never used it, however.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 11 2008

       My Q does it. There is a profile called auto which switches between Meeting mode (silent) and Normal mode based on your calendar. Any time your are "busy", the phone switchs to meeting. I set a "meeting" for my sleep hours, so emails don't wake me.
MisterQED, Feb 11 2008

       Yeah, sorry, I found another phone, and it has it. A Nokia 6015i, it lets me set the Silent profile to a timer. I have to go through the menu, rather than the fast way, but it's there. It would be handy. (I never used it, as that's the phone I bought for my folks for emergencies--they set the whole thing to Off, and left it in a drawer.)
baconbrain, Feb 11 2008

       If my phone's on silent it generally means I'm somewhere I can't answer my phone, so missed calls are inevitable.   

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist, judging from the annos.
theleopard, Feb 13 2008

       This feature exists on Motorola pagers.
8th of 7, Feb 13 2008

       My sidekick ][ allowed you to set a time of day (multiple) to have it enter different ring modes.
This idea [+] is different, however, as i've never been asked, while setting silent mode, how long i'd like it to last.
Bonus if, after the predetermined time has elapsed, the phone vibrates to let you know it is leaving vibrate mode - "Would you like to extend the time? Thanks - your phone."
I have a wince device now, and compared to my sidekick, the OS is garbage. but hey, at least i can install .net framework!
ericscottf, Feb 13 2008

       What about tower IDs ? You can set "If I come out of the signal range of the current towers, come out of silent mode". GPS enabled devices can use location based profile change.
kamathln, Nov 09 2008


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