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Anti-ringtone device

A must for all nokia phones
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Anyone who has ever been on a train with some hormonally-supercharged teenager with a new phone will know how annoying it is to hear every ringtone in the Nokia arsenal played consecutively. SOLUTION: Restrict ringtone changes to once every 10 minutes. You are allowed to cycle through the ringtones during the first hour following purchase before the lock kicks in.

Better still, ban teenagers from owning mobile phones.

Better still, ban teenagers.

afroman, Oct 22 2001


       An even more obvious solution is for the wireless carrier to charge the phone owner a $0.10 fee for just listening to each tone, wherein the fee would be doubled if it is determined that the mobile phone is moving at high speed. Its a win-win proposition, you get (more) peace and quiet, wireless carriers get more cash to develop more features in their cellular systems. By the way, you could just wait a few years for old age to set in, with its attendant deafness.
pathetic, Oct 22 2001

       I find shouting "F*cking stop it" effective.
Redbrickterrace, Oct 22 2001

       Very good idea. If I'm not wrong, something like this exists already, made by the japaneses. The phone is actualy burned, when rings in several places (library eg.). This is surely posible. I hope I will build such a thing, in the very near future, to jam the transmission, just before the ring, when attempting link.
leo14m3, Mar 29 2002

       Now, [bristolz], don't go [StarChaser] on us. The catagory *is* Product: Anti-cellphone and the idea *is* unique.
phoenix, Mar 29 2002

       Okay, maybe I overeacted but it still strikes me as an idea for inflicting your sense of what is right upon someone else. Kind of reminds me of the horse and buggy folks lobbying to keep car speed limits unrealistically low because the fact that they could go faster offended their sense of what is right. Cellphones are here to stay and the amount of energy expended decrying their public use astounds me.   

       The "ban all teenagers," remark doesn't help distinguish this from rant territory, either.   

       SOLUTION: device that restricts any ideas having to do with restricting cellphone usage to be posted only once every ten months.   

       Better still, ban the people who think them up altogether.
bristolz, Mar 29 2002

       But then we'd have to do the same thing for the highway speeders, get - out - of - my - way'ers, anti - SUV'ers, turn - off - your - highbeams'ers, etc.   

       I agree that it's as close to a rant as any other idea I've seen here. If the author didn't generalize the idea in the 'SOLUTION', I would agree that it was a rant, but all ideas start off with changing something (or 'inflicting your sense of what is right upon someone else').
phoenix, Mar 29 2002

       I disagree, phoenix, not all ideas for inventions have, as a premise, the forcing of someone else to adopt the solution. An idea for a new flavor of jam inflicts nothing on no one. An idea that dictates that all jam sold must have a lid that can be opened only once a day because someone, somewhere, hates seeing anyone else eat jam, is infliction and is the same as the "invention" espoused here.   

       My last anno altered with the word "solution:" to legitimize it.
bristolz, Mar 29 2002

       So the inventor of the new jam flavor would be sad if his product put every other jam maker out of business? As to the whole lid thing, that's apples to oranges. Opening a jar of jam doesn?t (usually) invade my... space.   

       [afroman] isn't asking that the capability be revoked, just controlled ("Restrict ringtone changes to once every 10 minutes."). Seems a bit anal (but then I don't use mass transit) but not without precedence.
phoenix, Mar 30 2002

       It would invade your space if you were unreasonably intolerant of the scent of jam and it's also not revoking access to the jam--just controlling the access.   

       But you're probably right and I'm probably just sick of seeing everybody railing about cell phones. Not just here, but everywhere.
bristolz, Mar 30 2002

       The once every ten minutes is annoying for those of us who do only change their ringtones at home. Just explain that there's no need to choose a new ringtone on the train or wherever, and that it pisses you (and presumably other people) off.
bookworm, Mar 30 2002


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