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choose the angry option
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Search preferences enable the elimination of certain results using terms like "illicit" but I'm not aware of any that make the offer of only providing certain types of responses.

There are plenty of people who like to debate and argue and get very inflamed when they do. For this type of person there is the Angerithm option to select when making any kind of online search.

Here's how it works:
Supposing you were searching for a term like "coffee'' - with Angerithm selected, this simple search will only deliver stories about people stealing cups of coffee from the hands of the weak and vulnerable, or areas of pristine rainforest being burnt to make coffee plantations, or people falling into tanks of boiling coffee but not being saved as the vital equipment needed to carry out the rescue is being used to fix the boss's caravan.

"Normal" coffee results will be available but the "angry material" is all on top. Organisations like Facebook already do this by default and you can't switch it off, but with Angerithm, you get to select it with searches by Google etc in the results options. Shouting at your screen encouraged.

Deluxe version comes with blood pressure meter that sends interactive readings back to the search engine to help with even more anger inducing results.

Enjoy your anger! Get even more angry with Angerithm.

xenzag, Sep 22 2021

Angry by design: toxic communication and technical architectures https://www.nature..../s41599-020-00550-7
[a1, Sep 22 2021]


       [+] for bringing up yet another valid reason not to use Facebook.
a1, Sep 22 2021

       Bun for the title, But I had to keep reading the idea to make sure I understood. I don’t enjoy being angry but then again when I am, I am pretty wild!
xandram, Sep 22 2021

       If you can only get angry about evils you lack imagination.
Voice, Sep 22 2021

       I couldn't finish reading this idea because it made me so furious [-] [-] [-] [-] [-] [-] [-] [-] [-] [-]
pocmloc, Sep 22 2021

       I thought this was going to be about beating people rhythmically to the tune of some song or other (perhaps from the metal section of your music library) with a baseball bat or something.
Skewed, Sep 22 2021

       Angry angry angry angry
xenzag, Sep 22 2021

       What [a1] said
pertinax, Sep 22 2021

       Skewed, sounds like a new Netflix original.
RayfordSteele, Oct 01 2021


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