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Ad-free Google

Google for which you have to pay for searching service
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Who said Google is an advertisement company? Its main business is searching, so, why not to have an option to get what I we want, t.i., searching, by buying it, and not serving our attention for looking at ads?
Inyuki, Jun 01 2010

Google's business errrrm... _lines_ http://www.google.c...orate/business.html
[mouseposture, Jun 01 2010]

AdBlock Plus (FireFox Plugin) https://addons.mozi...p=20&lup=&advanced=
[quantass, Jun 02 2010]


       //Its main business is searching//   

       No. It's main business is selling targetted information and allowing businesses to access customers. It does this by using a search engine and globally recognised brand name.   

       An ad-free search service is somewhat counter to their business model - but I'm not saying it wouldn't work outright.
Jinbish, Jun 01 2010

       What you could do, and this would of course be evil, is offer one of those Google copying services which does Google's basic stuff without the twiddly bits, but don't do any ads.
nineteenthly, Jun 01 2010

       You can buy Google Search hardware/software for your corporate servers, allowing you to index/search internal documents more easily - presumably this service doesn't include ads.   

       //Who said Google is an advertisement company?// Google do, presumably. That's their operating model, and that's why it succeeded where other "purer" search-engines failed.   

       The Yellow Pages is/was a pre-internet business model where companies pay to be listed within a searchable directory. Google does the same thing, but with the advertisements/payments occuring in the margins.
zen_tom, Jun 01 2010

       ////Who said Google is an advertisement company?// Google do, presumably.//
Lots of people do say that, but Google itself is a little coy about it <link>
mouseposture, Jun 01 2010

       the main source of income to google is advertising, it's niche is that it offers targeted advertising based on what you search for, and you can pay to have your listings higher.   

       It offers this service by having a popular and free search engine. much the way the yellow pages give out the books for free.   

       I could only see this work if they had some sort of "google-pro" version that had much more advanced and targeted search tools that you could use for a monthly fee   

       and as mentioned they do sell their search software for large databases.
metarinka, Jun 02 2010

       I recommend you install the add-on plugin in Firefox called: AdBlock Plus ... I haven't seen advertisement on Google and numerous other sites in over 3 years now.
quantass, Jun 02 2010

       Drink Coke.
rcarty, Jun 02 2010

       The only reason we use google is because it is free, and thanks to its advertising we get great things such as Gmail (queue flaming) and such.   

       I don't know about you but I’m perfectly happy with Google gathering my information (so long as it does not compromise my security in bank accounts and such and does not point directly to me, and does not release this information directly to governments and law enforcement agencies) to create more targeted ads in exchange for its services. For one thing, it means I get ads that are slightly less than useless   

       I'm sorry (not really), but as advertisements are a fundamental part of the Google business model and the thing that is keeping the majority of their services free (I’m a cheapskate, I know), I’m going to have to bone this idea [-]   

       In short: yes I like my privacy, yes I google compramizes it, but I just can't help using it because it is free because of the ADVERTISEMENTS   

       ps. note that there is a point where things can be taken too far, and google could easily cross that threshold (it might of already for all I know)*dons aluminium foil hat*
xxobot, Jun 03 2010

       As someone who takes a dim view of advertising in all its forms, I have to applaud Google's ability to make the most tiny, inoffensive and innocuous adverts generate such a vast pile of cash. It is truly incredible, and less offensive than 99% of advert-based business models.   

       Bun to [rcarty], btw.
wagster, Jun 03 2010


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