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Animal adoption delivery

Prank service
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Joe & Jane Public are continually exhorted by TV ads to "adopt" various endangered wild animals; orang-utans, tigers, snow leopards, polar bears etc.

This service realy brings the idea of conservation home.

Just contact BorgCo with your details including a major credit card and state the date, time and location of the prank plus the animal of your choice.

You will receive by mail a bogus "adoption pack" to show to the victim.

At the appointed time, the victim will be called to the door to find a uniformed delivery driver (wearing carefully concealed body cams and microphones), who enquires "Good afternoon, Mr (or Mrs) <insert name> ?"

"No, sorry, they're out".

"Oh, all right. We've brought your orang-utan"

"What ?"

"You signed up to adopt an orang-utan ?"

"Errr ... yes ?"

"Well, we've brought her ..."

At this point, a second delivery man emerges from the van, leading an orang-utan by the hand, and carrying a suitcase.

" ... all the information you need and food for the first three days is in the case. Her name's Lana".

"No, please, you don't understand, we said we'd give money every month ..."

The delivery man studies the paperwork. "Yes, but you also ticked the box that says "Yes, we will foster an orang-utan ... look, it's here on the copy of the form ..."

Eventually, the prank is revealed. The victim is provided with a DVD of the event, which can be laughed at later by friends, neighbours and family, or used as evidence in the subsequent divorce proceedings.

8th of 7, Dec 21 2014




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