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Autonomous collection-delivery system

Collects stuff and delivers it
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Pre-emptive disclaimer: yes, some parts of this idea are part-baked, already baked, and have significant social issues associated.

Fully-autonomous vehicles are nearly with us, probably not far away. Automated warehousing and dispatch systems too.

I’m proposing an integration of current and near-future systems to allow me to send stuff to you with the least amount of hassle.

So, you’ve bought a thing from me via some online marketplace-amazon-eBay etc.

I arrange on-line for collection/delivery via a carrier. I’m issued a digital consignment code.

An automated vehicle is dispatched to my home (or other specified location) to collect. Van arrives at my location, and on it’s side is an array of locked consignment cupboards. Via a convenient keypad, or using NFC on my phone, I provide my consignment details. A single cupboard opens to accept my item for dispatch. I place the item in the cupboard and receive a digital dispatch receipt (or perhaps scan a QR, take a photo...) to validate dispatch.

Autonomous vehicle travels to depot (collecting multiple items along the way) Automated depot sorts items and routes them for national or international distribution.

On the receiving end, the delivery system has confirmed item en-route, and provides options of time and place of delivery. Autonomous delivery van arrives at your specified location (at the specified time), contacts you via mobile to alert you of arrival.

You go out to the van, scan in or manually enter the appropriate code, which opens the relevant item cupboard for you to receive your newly-purchased item. Perhaps for validation the system takes a photo of you receiving the goods. Or perhaps an encrypted token from your phone (again via NFC) is adequate.

The delivery van could, if you allowed it, use your location dynamically from your phone so you don’t need to be home for deliveries - it delivers to you, where you are, at a given time.

Frankx, Oct 01 2019


       In centuries to come, criminals of all kinds will worship you as a God ...
8th of 7, Oct 01 2019

       //criminals of all kinds//   

       Yes, I hadn’t really thought of that.   

       When I mentioned "social issues” I was thinking about loss of jobs for delivery drivers and warehouse workers.
Frankx, Oct 02 2019

       // Yes, I hadn’t really thought of that. //   

8th of 7, Oct 02 2019

       //hadn’t thought//   

       Thanks [8th]. It’s the basic philosophy for most of my ideas here. my life in fact.
Frankx, Oct 02 2019

       As with nearly everyones' ideas generated in the subconscious, passed strait to conscious control with little or no subconscious lateral excitation.
wjt, Oct 05 2019

       //subconscious lateral excitation//   

       ...can you explain please?
Frankx, Oct 05 2019

       [Frankx] Consciousnes is the crest of a wave of all the black magic happening in the subconscious. A brain giving the pros and cons of a fresh idea would , in my thinking anyway, is down to the lateral processing done in subconcious. Of course you can try and force the lateral conscious thinking but if the subconscious doesn't want to play ball, it won't happen.
wjt, Oct 05 2019

       // all the black magic happening in the subconscious. //   

       That explains much; [xenzag] clearly chose the "Milky Bar" option.
8th of 7, Oct 08 2019

       //lateral processing done in subconscious//   

       I can't easily distinguish between the parts of the "idea" activity that are conscious and those that are subconscious - as soon as I'm aware of it, it's in the conscious. I might consciously choose a strategy to generate creative ideas... but the application of the strategy is conscious, and the resulting ideas (as soon as I'm aware of them) are in the conscious.
Frankx, Oct 08 2019

       Before the discussion gets deeply metaphysical, we consider that your understanding may be improved if you are aware that everything - you, us, the HalfBakery, the entire Universe and everything in it - is merely the figment of [Ian Tindale]'s deranged imagination.   

       In many ways, that simplifies things, but of course in many other ways it makes things more complicated. We leave it to you (or rather, that bit of [Ian Tindale] that thinks it's you) to decide.
8th of 7, Oct 08 2019


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